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Bone Cancer and Leukemia – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Bone cancer in the knee and leukemia + relevant part from Dr. Hamer’s “Legacy of a New Medicine.”

I got to know the German New Medicine (at that time still New Medicine) in 1997 for the first time. I read a book (The lucrative lies of science) in which the German New Medicine was explained section by section, and then I bought the golden books of Dr. Hamer Legacy of a New Medicine Part 1 + 2 and the diary of “Olivia Pilhar.”

After reading these books carefully, I visited with a friend my first study group by Helmut Pilhar in the Café Billy in Vienna. At that time, Helmut was still working with overhead transparencies.

However, since I was rarely in Austria at that time, I did not pursue the study of New Medicine any further. In principle, I had understood it. Of course, many details were missing, and I hardly had my own experiences. But I knew where I could read up in case of emergency.

More than two years later, in November 1999, I woke up one morning with a thickly swollen knee. It hurt brutally, and I felt very miserable. But instead of calling the ambulance in panic, I took the golden books from the shelf, searched for the description of what I was suffering from, and found the following excerpt:

Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer: LEGACY OF A NEW MEDICINE – Part I, page 498 – Acute joint rheumatism:

The so-called acute joint rheumatism, mostly at one large joint as so-called rheumatoid monoarthritis, used to be a very common so-called disease or symptom. Every doctor knew: it takes several months. Mostly transudate = non-inflammatory effusion in body cavities and tissues.

Mon- = part of the word meaning alone, uniquely. The patients had a moderate fever between 38° and 39°. The affected joint was bright red, hot, very swollen, and painful (“rubor — calos — dolor — functio laesa”), and the function was severely limited.

Nothing was known about the causes. Streptococcal toxins, rotten teeth, or tooth roots were suspected as so-called “toxic centers.” All these were only hypotheses. However, the treatment was primarily correct: the patient simply had to lie down for 4-6 months and could not do anything else. It was strictly forbidden to puncture such a highly swollen knee, elbow, shoulder, or hip! We had whole spa clinics specialized in acute articular rheumatism.
Died of it, to my knowledge, as good as nobody. Otherwise, I should know because as a supervising physician and spa doctor in the Heidelberg University Medical Clinic, who was also responsible for training medical bath attendants, I was the connecting physician to such clinics. What we did not know at that time, before the CT era, was that:

(a) each of these acute joint rheumatism cases had osteolysis in the bone near the joint, and

b) that each acute joint rheumatism represented a re-calcification in the healing phase, and

c) The highly elevated leukocyte counts found in each case, which we considered to be an accompanying inflammatory symptom, were nothing but leukemia.

d) of course, we also did not know that this was the conflict-solved healing phase of a sensible biological special program, e.g., in the case of the knee: unsportiness-self-devaluation conflict.

e) In addition, we could not know yet that the physicians would be once so infinitely stupid to cut open these highly inflamed joints for the “test excision” after one could discover the osteolysis near the joint with the help of our CT devices so that now the callus leaked into the tissue and one had to amputate, e.g., the legs (with acute knee joint rheumatism row by row under the diagnosis “osteosarcoma.” Mortality: 98%. In the past, we never had a patient die from it. The survival rate was 100%!

I once took the initiative to call three university hospitals and ask them where the department for acute rheumatoid arthritis was, or where such patients were referred to. I was told in all three university hospitals that such departments no longer existed. In such patients, a test excision would be made, after which they would be placed in the oncology department and treated with chemo under the diagnosis of “highly malignant osteosarcoma,” as a senior physician explained to me officiously. Now you can read in any oncology book that osteosarcoma treated with chemo, surgery, and morphine has a very high mortality.

I know what I am saying when I say that no doctor can be so infinitely stupid that he would not have noticed this long ago: in the past, not a single person died from acute rheumatoid arthritis, and today, with exactly the same symptoms, but with a now changed diagnosis (“osteosarcoma”), practically all of them die!

Unsporting self-devaluation conflict, that was precisely what I needed to know.

So, what had been going on with me? It wasn’t hard to figure out. I knew it spontaneously.

I had participated in a kickboxing competition 2.5 months earlier. I was not among the best, but far from the poorest.

I got an opponent who was far below my ability, just a formality, not a challenge. With this attitude, I went into the fight. To this day, I don’t know how it happened. I must have gotten a blow on the chin because suddenly the light was off—a classic knockout. I woke up with my head buzzing on the mat and realized I had lost the fight. No, not to this guy! Anybody else, it doesn’t matter, but not against the weakest, not against him! He must not defeat me!

There were several people around the mat, yet I was isolated; no one helped me. Someone always loses; that’s how it is.

It caught me on the wrong foot. I expected everything, but not that this weakling could win against me, never! And it was the absolute worst thing that could have happened to me at that moment, to disgrace myself like that.

From that moment on, I had obsessive thinking. It didn’t matter what I did during the day; mentally, I was training. I trained 5, sometimes six days a week, harder than ever before. I had to get better. This weakling must not beat me. This must not happen.

That went on for 2.5 months. It was only then that I was sparring against this weakling. So, not even a real fight, but practicing techniques, punch sequences, and defense. Well protected with protectors. I will never forget this sparring. I got through his defense five times in a row with the same punch sequence, sending him to the mat. He just didn’t get it.

During this sparring, it was evident that I was far superior to this guy; he didn’t stand a chance against me, and that’s how I solved my DHS, my self-esteem issue.

That same evening, I noticed that my right knee was pinching me. I didn’t pay attention to it and thought I had made a wrong move.

The following day, when I awoke, I was in brutal pain, and my knee was thickly swollen and red. Only now did I begin to think. Only now have I started to count one and one together, and only now have I got the golden book of Dr. Hamer to read the details. I only realized that I must have leukemia in my blood count.

I tried to find other possible explanations for a few more hours, as the prospect of lying in bed for 2.5 months with these stabbing and throbbing pains was not very welcome.

I was determined to get through this at home, but the pain was almost unbearable. So, I decided to call a cab (I couldn’t have driven myself with this leg) and drove to a medical lab nearby. The cab driver dragged me all the way to the clinic. I asked for a blood count but refused to have tissue taken from the swollen knee. There was no X-ray equipment in this clinic.

I was able to wait for the results on a couch. A doctor finally sat down next to me and tried to tell me as gently as possible that I had leukemia. She could call an ambulance to take me to the Vienna General Hospital oncology department, but unfortunately, it didn’t look good. With that, she confirmed what I already knew. I just wanted to have it confirmed for myself.

I asked to call a cab to take me home, and I got crutches on loan. I paid the costs for the examination of ATS232.- (€17.-) in cash. When I was asked what I was going to do, I told her that I knew the New Medicine according to Dr. Hamer and that I would study the books at home in detail. It seemed to me that this woman was really worried about me; she almost pleaded: “Please don’t, this is a cult. The Hamer patients are all dying. I shouldn’t do this!”

I assured her not to worry, everything was fine, and so I limped to the cab. I had a hell of a time ahead of me. I was married to my first wife, a Thai woman who spoke no German at the time. Apart from the language limitation, she was neither willing nor able to muster the necessary critical thinking skills even to begin to understand the German New Medicine. It was clear to her that I was about to commit suicide by refusing any medical therapy. She proved her sense of humor by bringing me brochures from a funeral service, telling me to choose a coffin if I really wanted to die.

But big support was that she had brought me pot to smoke. Not to cure cancer, but for the pain. I never “smoked pot” before or since, but I was as high as I could during that tough time.

The painkiller of choice in conventional medicine is morphine. The deep vagotonia I was in is lethal, often with the first dose.

The worst was the first two weeks. I had fevers in episodes and was weak and tired. I slept 16 to 17 hours a day and had a good appetite. The first two weeks were the worst; the pain subsided somewhat. But it took the whole 2.5 months before I could walk again without crutches. Another three weeks until every symptom had completely subsided, and I could move normally again.

Again I went to the medical laboratory to have another blood test. Now, suddenly, the values were normal. As I was leaving, I ran into the doctor who had diagnosed me with leukemia three months earlier. She seemed honestly pleased that I was doing well and asked what I had done. Dr. Hamer, New Medicine! With a dismissive hand gesture, she turned around, said: “I don’t want to know anything about that,” and disappeared through a door. Whether she knows about German New Medicine? I am convinced that she knew the GHK well enough to know that her education was incompatible with it.

In every oncology book, you can read that 98% of patients with “highly malignant osteosarcoma” are dead after six months of conventional medical therapy.

I once researched what my corresponding conventional medical therapy would have cost at the AKH (General Hospital, Vienna) at that time. Result 6 to 8 million Schilling (between €430,000 and €570,000) was 20 years ago and only for the first six months. It is not calculated for longer than that because no one lives longer.

My self-therapy cost 2x 232:- Schilling, not counting the “pain therapy” by THC.

A few years later, a large cancer congress was announced in the City Hall in Vienna, where the oncologists paid homage to their remarkable achievements. Out of curiosity, I also went there. In the hall, there were several comfortable seating areas and a table at each of them. At each of these corners, there was an oncologist in civilian clothes, to whom one could ask one’s questions about cancer. I made myself the fun, sat down to a very serious-looking young doctor, who received me friendly smiling. His entire body front was facing me, and his body language was open. I asked him about leukemia and bone cancer and let him first explain. After a few minutes, I presented him with my findings and asked him to explain to me how I could survive this without any therapy.
He became visibly uncomfortable. He tugged at his clothes and began to look around for other “customers” while talking something about a probable false diagnosis. But when I asked him if the name Dr. Hamer meant anything to him, he replied, “Yes, from the dead. Everyone dies with him!” His body language was suddenly closed, and he turned away from me. He could no longer look me in the eye, and his gaze searched for other interlocutors. He ended the conversation.

Whether this doctor know about German New Medicine? 100%, he knew very well about it but was not allowed to admit it.

At that time, however, I would not have wanted to imagine that even after 20 years, the mass murder had not only not ended but had intensified to a great extent. But I would also never have imagined the pronounced disinterest that the GHK enjoys among large parts of the population. Only by this disinterest of the largest part of the population — no matter in which country — the ChemoCaust can claim many thousand victims every day. We can only stop this madness together. Let’s share this knowledge about the laws of nature with everyone who wants and doesn’t want to know. Otherwise, we have no chance.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

I hope that this testimonial will make its way around the world! Spread it in your circle of friends and acquaintances! Each of our families has victims to mourn!

The ”Deep State” (Trump, Putin — Helsinki 2018), which steers world politics with compliant agents, is also in medicine. The history of the suppression of the Germanische Heilkunde, formerly German New Medicine, shows it, obviously.

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