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High Blood Pressure and Yellow Stool – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Testimonial on High Blood Pressure and Yellow Stool

In the spring of 2003, I got to know German New Medicine through your lecture. I knew immediately that it was the right thing for me !!! Like a lottery jackpot !!!

I am 72 years old, right-handed, and I am postmenopausal. In the last 15 years, the valuable knowledge of GHK has unfortunately caused me many awkward and difficult situations. However, the worst experience for me was the rejection of my daughter (54 years old, right-handed and takes the pill). I knew straight away (due to various symptoms) that GHK knowledge was urgently necessary for her, and I repeatedly attempted to teach her this knowledge. In vain !!! My efforts remained unsuccessful throughout the years. So I decided not to talk about health issues when we met. If, for some reason, our conversations turned towards health issues, then these discussions always ended in a quarrel.

Because of this constant rejection throughout the last 4 to 5 years, I created a ‘track’ from which I simply could not get off – high blood pressure. This high blood pressure, which always occurred in the evening in the recovery phase, was an overwhelming conflict – self-esteem, social context, one wants to help and is not allowed to do so.

My right myocardium was in crisis during the healing phase. I was constantly going back and forth from conflict to crisis during the healing phase, I was at my wits end and I almost wanted to give up on GHK. My blood pressure was quite high from time to time (210/100) and easily noticeable. This whole situation felt very strange, and I decided to talk about it to our GNM study group leader. After my talk with the group leader I sorted it all out in my head and resolved that I would change something no matter what it took.

I already had partially prepared myself to consider the idea of taking a break from seeing my daughter. One thing was clear – he who harms me must stay away from me!!! This decision was very difficult for me because I only have one child, and no other family.

Last but not least, yellow stool became noticeable in the following few months, which is why I immediately had my liver and bile ducts examined using ultrasound. Everything was fine (according to conventional medicine). So, the all-clear was given by the imaging diagnostics for the time being. But something was still wrong. So, I turned again to my GNM study circle leader, and we concluded that my bile ducts were reacting to territorial anger.

My territory boundaries were being violated by the neighbour who was encroaching on my domain. The neighbour, in this case, was my daughter, who had violated my ‘territory’, my health. The squamous epithelium lining the ducts was affected; they belong to the red group. The HH is located in the cortex on the male half, and since I am post-menopausal, I am hormonally male and so I perceive as a male and thus suffer a territorial anger conflict.

If you know GNM, you know that the healing swelling in the bile ducts can cause a temporary blockage, hence the colour change. The biological conflict linked to the bile ducts is a territorial annoyance and violated boundaries allowing the neighbour (my daughter) to make an assault.
This is exactly what had happened! Just before I noticed the yellow stool, my daughter had urged me to go to the doctor because of high blood pressure, stroke, etc. I thought I misunderstood this situation and it made me think of an experience report in which a woman was pushed to conventional medical treatment by her family – she is dead now.

In short, I literally freaked out (no one wanted to see me like this, and I was scared for myself). After 15 years with GNM, after all the quarrels and not being respected by my daughter, this all led me to the fact that I must think of myself first and foremost now.

This freak-out was, in a way, a liberating experience, which led to the conflict resolution. The high blood pressure was no longer necessary since I no longer had an overwhelming conflict. I no longer wanted to pass on the GNM to my daughter. The territorial annoyance had thus also ended. I was once again the boss in my territory. The healing phase could end, and the edema storage decreased. The bile ducts had opened again and my stool went back to its normal colour.

Since this incident, my daughter has been very careful when it comes to health issues. And sometimes she even inquires about alternative ideas.

The knowledge of GNM gives me a fundamental self-confidence and self-satisfaction. You can probably imagine what would have happened to me if I had gone for conventional medical treatment. Therefore, I can only advise everyone to get to know GHK and to join a study circle.

Note from GHK Academy

This woman and her study circle leader were able to figure out her issue and solve it masterfully. I would like to express my appreciation to both of them.

During the history of development, the heart has rotated so that in the right-handed person, the right myocardium is the mother/child myocardium. The right myocardium causes palpitations and hypertension in the epileptic crisis (short-term and for the duration of the crisis). The conflict content here is overwhelming (why is this person not doing as I want). This SBS is attributable to the daughter of the affected person. The partner or mother/child side never changes in life.

Equally, the territorial anger concerning the hepatic bile ducts, which cause the light yellow, discoloured stool in the healing phase, can be attributed to the daughter.

A brief look into the psychoses

As the patient writes, this territorial anger conflict must have happened before she noticed the light yellow discoloured stool. She was ‘freaked out’ and made a sweeping change, she wrote.
Doesn’t that remind you of a ‘choleric fit’? The super sense of the bio-aggressive constellation is to free oneself (the cornered mother animal)!
I assume the affected person must have another active HH in the rectal mucosa, precisely in the opposite brain relay for the liver bile ducts. This SBS does not cause any symptoms in the active phase (outer skin pattern). In the healing phase, there would be hemorrhoids ….
Thank you very much for the instructive testimonial.

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