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Hallux Valgus – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Hallux Valgus on the joint of the big toe. Testimonial German New Medicine.

In 2011 I gave birth to my daughter; it was a difficult birth which ended with a cesarean section. As soon as I left the hospital, relatives came to visit my newborn daughter and I. And they came in crowds, which annoyed me terribly. I just wanted to rest, enjoy my time with my baby and recover.

Everything about my relatives’ behavior annoyed me. Despite my fresh C-section and the pain it caused me, they would come, sit down and wait for me to serve them. I knew no one would leave without getting at least one cup of tea; all the while their children destroyed my whole house, and I couldn’t say anything to them.

This was my big conflict.

The first month, after giving birth, I had terrible pain in the hallux valgus of my big toe joint. I could not put weight on it. I even had to buy new shoes. Occasionally the pain subsided, but the joint began to thicken and was periodically inflamed.
As a result, I gradually turned these relatives away from the door. Today everyone knows not to come without an invitation, they are not allowed in, and I rarely, if ever, invite anyone.

At first they were all offended, my aunt told me that she was very offended. But I intuitively knew that I would only feel good about myself if I continued to turn them away. Why should I remain in a state of annoyance just to please them? I resolved this conflict long before I learned about Germanic New Medicine. However, the conflict not only has to be solved, but also consciously recognized.

It was only after ten years, when I learned German New Medicine, that all of a sudden, it all came back to me. And now I also understand exactly “why the hallux valgus on my toe joint kept growing.” 😁

But only now, with the new understanding of the tracks (relatives visiting) have I also dissolved the tracks. Only now the SBS is finally over, and the chronic pain has ceased.

To be honest, I was thrilled, I did not expect such an effect. The joint remained slightly enlarged compared to the other toes, but the difference is almost invisible.

This is a territorial conflict. Someone made me feel uncomfortable in my personal space. It could even happen when someone “eats off my spoon.” I am right-handed, and it is the joint on my right foot, so my partner side.

Good luck in your search and conflict resolution.

Note: GHK Academy

Thank you for this testimonial; it is valuable in several ways.

First of all, it shows very well how tracks work. You intuitively acted correctly without knowing GHK. You realized that you felt uncomfortable when other people came into your personal space without being invited, and you consistently showed them the door. Thus, you were able to solve the conflict, but you could never prevent unwelcome visitors from coming to your door and demanding to be let in. This was your track that occasionally triggered your SBS and thus kept you in hanging healing.

Of course, it is a territory problem, and certainly, you had one or the other SBS in your territorial areas, but the SBS that caused your hallux valgus affects the bone, which is a self-devaluation conflict. You wanted to kick your relatives and their children out the door, but you couldn’t. That was a self-esteem conflict, that is, the deluxe group, and here the bone remains somewhat thicker at the end of healing than it was at the beginning. The chronic healing phase swelling has now subsided, but the slight thickening will remain.

Also, this testimonial outlines the importance, not only of resolving conflicts intuitively, but also resolving the remaining tracks by consciously recognizing them.

Many thanks

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