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Dental Caries – German New Medicine – Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

A woman writes about dental caries in matters of German New Medicine

With this, I would like to briefly share my “unbelievable” experience regarding dental caries in matters of German New Medicine.

The other day, when I noticed a large cavity on one of my molars, I immediately panicked and decided to have it done at the nearest dentist who would take me as an emergency.

I went to the dentist who had recently treated this tooth to show me what I had missed.

To my astonishment, I then learned, after the dentist had checked caries, that this could probably have been caries once but was now completely hard again, and one would not need to do anything to it. That would be despite dark staining, no more caries! Therefore, she would have said nothing about it so far.

Immediately I was reminded of the special programs for the teeth, where Dr. Hamer writes that during the healing of “caries holes,” there is slow restitution of the tooth, and a repair of the enamel defect.

For weeks, I had had slight pain in the molar from time to time. Since I could only see the considerable black discoloration with a rear-view mirror, I was quite reassured that there was nothing acute about the tooth. Thus, it could heal in peace.

Of course, I hope and am a bit excited about whether the conflict experience, a “biting conflict” of the molar tooth, is finally solved, and the tooth does not get any more relapses.

By the way, the dentist did not say a word about how this “healing and restitution” came about. I was grateful, however, for her honesty in not wanting to capitalize on the tooth.

Ruth L.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

The enamel is based on the conflict content “not allowed to bite” (gullet – mucosa – pattern), the handedness is decisive, and whether one “was not allowed to crush,” or “was not allowed to snap,” etc. See the tooth chart.

In cooperation with conventional medicine, the toothpaste industry has tried to persuade us that brushing our teeth would protect us from caries because the supposedly evil microbes are rendered harmless by brushing our teeth. Germanische Heilkunde has been able to disprove this erroneous belief. Caries is not caused by microbes, but by corresponding biting conflicts.

The microbes are healing phase optimizers and our symbionts.
The explanation that brushing teeth protects against caries serves to preserve the industry and conventional medicine. In reality, however, brushing teeth does not protect against the real cause of caries, the biting conflicts.

Blaming sugar for tooth decay is also nonsense! Since when has humanity had refined sugar, and since when has he suffered from caries? The ancient Greeks already suffered from caries, as you can read in contemporary authors. They didn’t have refined sugar, but they certainly had biting conflicts.

Don’t be fooled anymore!

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