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Dandruff on the head because of a Girl – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Dandruff on the head, caused by the most beautiful girl in school.

I still have the classroom in memory of when I first noticed dandruff. Sometimes I had no dandruff for months; then again extremely strong. So, I fought against it over the years with all possible and impossible means, mostly in vain.

About three years ago, at a seminar of GHK, I asked Helmut about the conflict. He explained that I must have suffered a separation conflict that keeps coming back on track, i.e., a hanging cure [note: dry scales are the active phase of the separation conflict]. I would have to try to figure out the DHS and then find the tracks.

For years, I couldn’t think of any conflict that had to do with separation, no matter how hard I researched my past.

A few weeks ago, a light came to me in the restroom, and suddenly, I knew the conflict. At the same time, I also noticed that I had not had dandruff since last fall.

I had been madly in love with Alexandra, the most beautiful girl in school, all through secondary school, but I never dared to tell her. I wrote a letter to her in the third grade of secondary school. Not only did I get a rejection by her, she told me in such a way that ensured I would never approach her again. So, highly acutely traumatic for me that I still remember every second and every thought I had. I’ve had dandruff ever since.
After school, we completely lost track of each other, but if I happened to meet someone from school, one of my first questions was, what is Alexandra doing? Indeed, when I saw a picture of a woman in a magazine, for example, that corresponded to the type of woman that Alexandra could be today, I reminisced about the great love of my school days.

Last September, I found a letter from Alexandra in my mailbox, an invitation to the class reunion. In the weeks until the reunion, I was mentally again wholly with her and full of scales. When the time finally came, and I entered the restaurant, I didn’t recognize her at first. What I had not reckoned with, today, she is also 38 years old, has gained significant weight, has false teeth, is poorly made to boot, and is now a woman who would not appeal to me in any way.

Since then, my first winter without head dandruff in 25 years. The spell had been broken, the tracks erased.

Although I consciously tried for three years to locate a separation conflict in my past, I find it remarkable that I failed. Even though it was omnipresent, it was only months after the entire program was erased that I suddenly saw the light.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

We humans no longer notice these tracks as the way animals do and instinctively avoid them.

He has associated the separation also at the head. Also, the associated separation (head) must have a particular reason or have just flowed into the separation conflict. Perhaps she drove him sometime once through the hair or he on her – probably there was this idea in his HEAD!

(Addendum from 24.10.2019:

He associated it with the head because she had hair like an angel. He was fascinated by her hair!)

This testimonial is also typical for those men who react immediately with hair loss and finally with baldness. Perhaps with the baldness, the separation is felt more brutal.

I suspect similar with my high forehead (marriage corners)! My first girl (first love) that I held in my hands was convinced to die soon because her mother should have died of leukemia, and still, she strictly refused to eat the “healing” fruit, in my opinion. It was always said: fruit and vegetables keep you healthy! And today, I can’t say, do I imagine having hugged her, or do I have this image only in my wishful thinking at that time? I stroked her forehead and over her head, wearing summer clothes and sitting in a small stream in front of her grandmother’s house. I never saw that girl again, although she didn’t live far away at all. During that time, so I was maybe 14 or 15 years old, my forehead got higher – and I had acne on my forehead, which I’m just now realizing in passing (looks at my forehead, sullying).

This testimonial about head dandruff is, I think, a classic!

I know this man and appreciate him. I know him as an honest and straight person who says what he means, and I know that he takes the Germanic seriously – like so many others I have had the pleasure to meet.

This case will become a classic because I often tell it at my seminars and explain the following facts so merely. The person reporting is “experienced”! I mean, he knows the Germanic well and knows to understand one or the other case biologically. He brooded and brooded! He even knew what to look for in his past. He writes that he brooded for three years!

How many of us are like that right now?

And because many of us feel the same way, I think this case will become a classic among testimonials.

Many will also tell others about it. That’s why I ask!

To stay in the picture. Our writer not only did not find his separation conflict, he even solved it without realizing it – by chance! By chance, his great school love then was butt-ugly! And only afterward, he also notices that this separation conflict was actually “omnipresent.” Isn’t that BIOLOGY? That’s how it works! Completely past the intellect …

The patient’s feelings, his way of feeling, and his way of thinking must be understood to comprehend German New Medicine. And actually, it is not so difficult! Reread this Testimonial…

This testimonial shows still further!

We, who are experienced in Germanische Heilkunde, former German New Medicine, also often doubt! Often we do not find the cause of the symptom. Neither the conflict is so apparent to us, nor can we recognize the tracks. Not for years. But you are groping in the dark if you have not recognized it exactly. Often I find it comforting to know that we are repressing. I think that not recognizing it saves my life – and let it go.

When I think about how many intellectually narrow-minded therapists are on the road today under the guise of “Hamer,” I feel sick. I do not believe these “therapists” know what it is all about. Many even change Hamer’s teachings but continue to use his name. In my opinion, this is misleading the patient. And Hamer cannot successfully defend himself against this. No court has helped him so far! And if it goes wrong – and something like this must go wrong – then Hamer is also to blame!

This testimonial also speaks courage to the patient trying just as hard to understand becoming healthy finally. To the poor patient, I would like to say: Don’t give up! It works, what Hamer has given us! Even if you doubt! Hamer has never lied to us – what the others cannot say about themselves!

  • Joke:
    One politician says to another: “There is only one way to make money, in an honest way!” Says the other: “Oh, you wise guy! And what is that?” Says the first: “I knew it! You don’t know it either!”

And I now also recommend this report to our study group leaders to explain it to their audience. Thus, they can describe impressively that there can be no alternative to natural laws. There is no alternative to Hamer! To be therapeutically successful, one must build on natural laws! Neither conventional medicine nor the so-called alternatives can avoid this! But only the patient can heal himself. No chemo, but no globulin can heal, and neither oncologist nor homeopath – or does these “complementary” want to contradict me? WE ARE FREE! WE DON’T NEED YOU ANYMORE!

The field report also shows the following: Often, the patient stumbles from therapy to therapy, from therapist to therapist – and suddenly, he is healthy! And then he insists unwaveringly that the last therapist he saw or the last remedy he bought made him healthy. No one, the medical profession, the media, or the church, has yet explained to this poor patient that the reason for his illness lies in his soul. This report of experience also addresses these people to shake them up! This unenlightened patient had been incited against Hamer by this medical profession, the media, and the churches. Many of these patients now realize their manipulation. Hopefully, not too late!

And – this German New Medicine Testimonial also shows that we must no longer “psychologize” but learn to think biologically. Let’s make an effort!

And this testimonial shows how we have solved our conflicts so far. At some point, we were over it!

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