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GHK Lexicon

Please note that these definitions are not complete and are short and concise. This lexicon is meant to help you remember things and make studying

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Terminology The medical layman has a hard time with specific terms. In Germanische Heilkunde, there are specific terms that had to be created by Dr.

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Consequences – Germanische Heilungkunde Germanische Heilkunde® concerns more than just medicine! It concerns us all as human beings and how we deal with each other.

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It makes sense to start studying with the basics. But often, the essentials – e.g., the biological conflict shock (DHS) – only reveal themselves after

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Psychoses – Germanische Heilkunde®

Psychoses – Germanische Heilkunde® Dr. Hamer says that the chapter Psychoses is the “Higher Mathematics” in Germanische Heilkunde®. Germanische Heilkunde® explains to us how our

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