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Breast Node – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Breast Node Testimonial of a Mother

I am 27 years old, female, right-handed, and I would like to tell you about my journey with Germanische Heilkunde. I have been aware of Germanische Heilkunde for about five years, but I have not explored it thoroughly. I only read testimonials occasionally. I was always in good health so why would I want to do more than that? Most people think this way.

Until that fateful day… On February 5, 2014, my younger daughter, Amalia, who was slightly older than one year, grabbed onto the Swedish stove with both hands and got stuck. When we removed her hands from the stove, I looked at her palms and thought, “Shit, they are done.”

We went by car to the hospital in Mödling. We didn’t even think about calling an ambulance because it was just around the corner. When we arrived at the hospital, we were told that we couldn’t be helped and that this was an issue for the surgical department, and that we had to go to St. Pölten.

At this point we had to wait until the ambulance took us there. Any mother can imagine what it would be like to drive 50 minutes with her child screaming in pain.
Finally we arrived, and everything was already in place. “Is the child vaccinated?”, they asked. “Why is the child not vaccinated? “It is grossly negligent not vaccinating against tetanus!” blablabla…

I was on my own and my husband was still on his way. After the initial admission, it was clear that my child needed to be hospitalized. There were some more or less dramatic scenes, which I do not want to go into further.

Since my husband could not visit me every day with my older daughter Sigrun, then 3.5 years old, he brought me a tablet so she could video-call me via Skype.
During the first few days of the stay, I noticed a small lump in my left breast, but I didn’t think anything bad of it because I was still breastfeeding. I dismissed it as stagnant milk.

I couldn’t sleep in the evening because my thoughts, isolated and alone in the hospital bed, revolved around this accident and my poor child. So I took the tablet and read my emails, among other things, a testimonial. Since I had time, I examined the Germanische Heilkunde more closely and found that a right-handed woman would get breast cancer in her left breast during a care conflict about her mother or child.

I reached for the little node in my breast, and my mouth dropped open. I was so impressed by this that I continued reading and ordered the first GHK book immediately.

Despite having to go through a few more ordeals, I fortunately, resolved the conflict after the first hospital stay and the node disappeared quite quickly.
If this accident had not happened to Amalia, I might not be as intensively involved with Germanische Heilkunde and would not be so relaxed when my children were sick.”

Furthermore, if I hadn’t been able to resolve the conflict so quickly, the node would have continued to grow. Without the tablet, I wouldn’t have known the connections. I probably would have gone to the doctor under pressure to get a free mastectomy, free chemotherapy, and a night in a friendly hospital ambulance. Then, they would have said, ‘Of course!’ Your grandmother also died of breast cancer! It’s hereditary! Only in my grandmothers’ case was she worried about her sick child suffering from the flu. And why she died, we know anyway … Thank you, conventional medicine!

Long live the Germanische Heilkunde with all its followers and, above all, Dr. Hamer! One day, we will be victorious!
Many thanks to all for everything!
With kind regards

Note by Helmut Pilhar

This testimonial illustrates how an unspectacular personal experience can transform faith into knowledge and overcome fear and panic – as long as one knows the Germanische Heilkunde!
Educate yourself!
What this testimonial still shows:
• What did the mother do to solve her worry about her child? She went to emergency medicine!
• The future medicine will be based on the Germanische Heilkunde, combined with emergency medicine. Conventional medicine also achieves excellent results in emergency medicine.
However, when it comes to diseases that arise by themselves, such as cancer, allergies, chronic suffering, psychoses, etc., conventional medicine is ignorant and oblivious to the truth, and this for a 100 years.

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