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What are Causes of Acne? German New Medicine – Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

The Simple Answer to What are Causes of Acne? From the daughter of a patient.

I would like to share how my mother got rid of festering acne on her chin.
After a stroke, my mother could not speak for several years. About four years ago, purulent rashes and painful acne around her mouth suddenly appeared. At that time, I didn’t know anything about Dr. Hamer or the five biological laws of nature he discovered. So I started slathering my mother with antibiotic ointments and even gave her prescription antibiotic pills.

This lasted for over a year, but nothing could help her, and she had horrible and painful skin. Then, suddenly, the acne disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

Recently, I have been feeding my mother, and I have been eating with her, using the same spoon, and from the same plate. I didn’t think anything of it, but my mother’s whole chin was covered in acne the following day.

The light came on for me now that I understand German New Medicine.

My mother was always extremely careful not to allow me to eat from anyone else’s dishes, including her own! You were not allowed to use someone else’s cutlery!

Four years ago, we had to assist with my mother’s home care and the nurse ate from the same spoon she used to feed my mother. I told her that was not hygienic. My mother was unable to speak and could not make any comments to me. However, her chin was filled with acne.

As suddenly as it had come, my mother’s acne was gone when that nurse left us.

Now that I have understood the reason, I understand that hygiene is a relative term. My mother was on a daily track with this defilement conflict and had been enduring it daily.
However, my mother felt disgusted and sullied, but could not communicate or resist.

After realizing this, I apologized to my mother and promised her that from now on, no one would ever eat off her plate or with her cutlery.

Within three or four days, her festering acne healed, and the pimples disappeared as if she had never had any.
Many thanks to Dr. Hamer, unfortunately, posthumously.

Note: GHK Academy

I appreciate your wonderful testimonial. Thank you.
Surely your mother had suffered her defilement conflict a very long time ago, hence her feeling of disgust when someone uses her cutlery or eats from her plate. When she observes other people eating from the same plate or glass, she feels disgusted, which is why she constantly attempts to avoid her tracks and prevent her children from doing what she is disgusted with.

She was no longer able to communicate her disgust after the stroke, but was on a daily track And it may seem like a miracle; even the most stubborn acne, which does not want to give way even from the most toxic ointments and pills, disappears from one day to the next as soon as her track is no longer triggered.

This defilement conflict is not solved, cannot be solved, but a few words of assurance that from now on, your mother’s track will never be triggered again causes spontaneous healing. These few words were a magic spell for your mother, healing her miraculously.
It is possible to achieve such “miraculous” healing for anyone who understands German New Medicine.

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