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Voice Loss Sore Throat because of Snake – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Today I have a testimonial from my wife, who suddenly had Voice Loss Sore Throat

I called my oldest daughter today, who has just begun learning the GHK with the Basic Seminar Tutorials. Other than that, she only has practical experience. “I told her I had a GHK exam question for her: Marliese (her mother) has no voice and sore throat since this morning.” “Scare Fright Conflict!” was my daughter’s immediate response.”

I told her, “Yeah right, two adders while searching for mushrooms in the woods, she had been terrified.” The DHS was Thursday morning, and she didn’t have a voice until Monday morning. The healing phase lasted until Thursday.

The entire phase was a week from the conflict to the end of the healing process.

Thank you very much and best wishes.

Note by GHK Academy

“A snake!” Highly acute-dramatic, isolative felt, and caught on the wrong foot!

Conflict content: “scare-fright-conflict,” which is a scare with an additional aspect of fear. Dr. Hamer has formulated it in an appropriate manner. It is important to understand Dr. Hamer’s formulations correctly and to stick to the meaning.

The more testimonials you know, the better you can understand the various conflict contents, such as scare fright.

One never ends up with the study of GHK; one always continues to learn about it. Above all, one learns to tell the difference between a psychological problem (no DHS) and a biological conflict (DHS).

There are no organ symptoms caused by psychological problems. Only a biological conflict can do that.

That someone complains about the loss of voice and sore throat one hears relatively often. All these affected persons must have suffered and resolved such a female-perceived scare-fright conflict (male = territorial fear). The loss of voice is a healing phase symptom.

If one now tries to find the conflict in such a person, one has to ask the question: This scare-fright (territorial fear) conflict is no longer an issue for you today.

Moreover, we also know that this conflict must be solved; otherwise, the voice would not be gone with her.

The snake was no longer an issue for Marlies on Monday because she was sitting at home and the snake was in the forest.

By the way: in the active phase, the vocal cords ulcerate without pain! The larynx, with its squamous epithelium, belongs to the so-called outer-skin pattern. In the healing process, this squamous epithelium is replenished under swelling and inflammation (pain), leading to the loss of voice in our example.

The course of these different Sensible Biological Special Programs does not happen randomly, but follows regularities, which were also discovered by Dr. Hamer. One can also learn this. One almost becomes a “diagnostician” with it.

Actually, this knowledge would have to be part of general education. Then even the daughter, who lives miles away, knows why her mother has just lost her voice. Then, she only has to find the appropriate conflict, in this case the snake.

When you have finished everything, the DHS and the conflict resolution, you can estimate the load of the conflict, subtract the days of the healing phase already in progress, and reassuringly declare: “In 2 to 3 days the spook will be over!” And if the facts are repeatedly accurate, the affected person will gain confidence and thus lose his fear.

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