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Urinary Retention in Cat – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Urinary retention in cat – today, a somewhat animalistic Testimonial

Urinary retention in a 15-year-old male cat. Better said, it was once a tomcat because he came from the shelter and had to leave his jewels there. He goes by the call name Nikolaiovich, short Niki or Bubi, when he feels like it. And he is right-handed.

Nikolaevich likes to sit on a big meadow in front of the house and wait until a mouse jumps into his mouth. He is outside all day or night and always waits in the morning in front of the terrace door because it is a predator feeding in the morning.

One morning he was not at the door, and after a while, we looked for him and found him lying in the meadow. When I picked him up (he usually doesn’t like that at all), he was whining, and it was clear to us that he was in pain. We did not know what was going on! Was he hit by a car or injured in a fight with another cat? Since no wounds were visible from the outside, we decided to carry him to the food. But he didn’t eat or drink anything and wanted to go back to the meadow. We then carried him out again and kept checking on him.

The next morning he didn’t come to eat again, and the daughter wanted to take Nikolaiovich to the vet. We (Karin and I) wanted to wait and see because only the tough get through! The daughter had to assert herself and went with Nikolaivich and Karin to the vet. But only under the condition that she would pay the costs (700.-SFR.) because we thought it was unnecessary.

Before that, Karin drew a plant card (Wild women’s knowledge) for Nikolaiovich. It came to the “Gundelrebe” concerning letting go (we can already see Helmut rolling his eyes). Arriving at the vet, the diagnosis was urinary retention. Karin cheered and said that this fits precisely with the card she had drawn. Of course, the vet understands the only station, and the daughter is ashamed to the ground. Nikolaevich gets a catheter and has to stay in practice. The vet says this is normal for a cat and always repeated. The third time most cats get the injection that leads them over the Jordan. All this was in the morning, and in the afternoon, the vet calls and said that Nikolaiovich would not survive the night or the next days. Kidney values and fever are no longer measurable. I say to him that it is clear that the values are high. He has had urinary retention and backwater in the kidneys and did not drink anything (I worked for 23 years in the medical blue light trade). We told him that we would pick up the cat, he could die at home; we should prepare everything, leave the catheter and the venous access without infusion and stop all medications.

We picked up the cat and thought that he would only survive the night with a lot of luck, as we saw him. He was so weak and pumped full of opiates, which are not suitable for the kidneys when they are already weakened. Before we picked him up, I cut out a piece of a meadow with grounds and roots about 10 cm deep and put it in a box, which we then prepared for him in the living room. These were also the places in the meadow where Nikolaiovich had always lain before. Without reading a herbal book beforehand. I thought that if Nikolaiovich could continue to lie on the herbs during the night in the house and detoxify through the earth, it would surely help him.

Arrived home, we put Nikolaiovich in the crate, and he immediately started wagging his tail. The night was entertaining for Karin. She slept or tried to sleep on the sofa next to Nikolaiovich, but he started talking more and more every hour (meow meow). I was on night duty. The next morning he was already so well that he could stand and was frequently turning around in the crate. We tried to give him something to eat, which he did not accept. But he drank a lot of water with sodium bicarbonate and alternated water with MMS.

Since a box is not as lovely as a meadow, I quickly put up a wire mesh fence on the meadow, precisely around the previously mentioned herbs, and have still provided shade. So Nikolaiovich was where he liked best, and the night he was allowed to spend again in the box in the living room.

After another night, I removed the venous access, as I no longer saw any need for it. The worst was over, and we wanted to remove the catheter one day later. Since it was sewn to a susceptible spot and we didn’t want to be the bad guys when removing it, we quickly went to the vet to remove it. On the phone, he asked how Nikolaiovich was doing. He thought we would put him to sleep (as if cats don’t sleep enough anyway). He was amazed when Karin said he was doing fine! He could hardly believe his eyes at the doctor’s office because Nikolaiovich was almost back to his old self. We advised the vet to look at Helmut’s website and learn the 5 Basic Biological Laws.

What had happened?

The meadow, where Nikolaiovich liked to stay, was a meeting place for several cats! Here they cuddled, caught mice, and held duels. We could already observed a few weeks before that a new black cat tried to spread in the meadow. Here Nikolaiovich must have lost his territory. That’s why urinary retention comes again and again, according to the vet. Well, if the problem is not solved!

We didn’t want it to get that far! I thought, I just shoot the other cat, and good is.

Karin said if the neighbors see that! Ok, then, do not proceed with lethal weapons. We chased the cat away twice when it wanted to go into the meadow, and it hasn’t shown up its face since.

Nikolaevich still had an ep-icrisis 14 days later for two days and never had urinary retention again. The whole thing happened two years ago now. He is still in the best of health and enjoys his meadow every day meow.


Admittedly! The urinary catheter was a relief and help for Nikolaiovich.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

In fact, I rolled my eyes. But this testimonial is so clear and well written that I am pleased about it.
The old cat had suffered a territorial marking conflict with ulcers of his urinary tract’s squamous mucosa due to this strange black cat. He must have resolved this conflict! Probably the old male cat himself managed to chase away this new intruder. In the healing phase, these ulcers are now filled up again under the swelling. Such a healing swelling must have blocked his urinary tract. A catheter was used to remedy the situation. At the end of the healing phase, all was well again. One can calculate back to the conflict based on the duration of the healing phase. About one month before the beginning of the healing phase, the conflict must have happened!

Since the black cat did not show up anymore, there is no track for the old landlord, thus no recurrences, and it remained with this unicyclic conflict course.

Emergency medicine (catheter) has been necessary. If the black cat still existed, for therapy for the old tomcat, one would have to stop this black cat from its visits. Detoxification, euthanasia, etc., is all nonsense!

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