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Tonsillitis Symptoms on the right side only – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Tonsillitis symptoms on the right side, what does that mean?

I felt quite tired for a few days but I didn’t have any other signs or symptoms. Then one morning, I had a purulent tonsil on the right side.

“Aha, tonsillitis”, I said to myself, “I’ve had this before. Then let’s see what Germanische Heilkunde can tell me about it”:
• Not being able to swallow a morsel due to insufficient saliva.

It sounds complicated at first, but it is true that I have been chewing on a piece of a morsel for days, and I was unable to swallow it properly.

According to Dr. Hamer, his explanation states that at the very last moment you don’t receive something you thought, with certainty, that you would receive.

We were ordering a kitchen, and I was already busy for days picking out and ordering the right kitchen appliances for us. It was very time-consuming to do all the research, but I finally I figured it out and only had to place the order. The ordering process then became stressful because the Internet was constantly down, PayPal did not work, and suddenly the delivery times became long, whereas we needed theses appliances very quickly. The only solution to it all was an instant bank transfer, which I did, and finally, I was relieved that everything was settled.

Then the shock came in the evening. I received an email saying that the stove could only be purchased at the announced price to partners of Siemens!!!

I was spent. It was all just a sales pitch. I had already transferred the money, and my order could not be fulfilled. It was all my fault that the whole process of ordering and the eventual delivery would not work out, and the money was gone.

I felt completely isolated.

Relief came only three days later, in the mail and the money had been transferred back to my account. I was all happy. The healing phase began, and I had tonsillitis right side the following day.
Many greetings

Note by GHK Academy

A simple and clear case! It could become a textbook example.

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