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Sudden Hair Loss In a Husky – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Sudden Hair Loss In a Dog, the track, and the obvious resolution.

Many balding men believe that their hair loss is genetic. For beginners in Germanische Heilkunde, it is difficult to imagine that the cause would be an active separation conflict. Especially since the exact DHS is often not remembered, since the biological purpose of this special program is to forget the separation.

I have now experienced something with my dog that was so obvious that it will be easy to understand, so I would like to share this experience with everyone to comprehend the GHK better.

I have a beautiful young male husky, a real bundle of energy. While romping around in the backyard, he hit himself in the shoulder with a broken stick, leaving a large bleeding wound.

Although I had never been to a vet with him before, I made an exception here to have the wound cared for and stitched up.

On the vet’s treatment table, my dog suddenly started losing hair to an extent you wouldn’t believe. His fur was flowing off of him. He clearly was active in a separation conflict with the vet who was cleaning and stitching up his wound. He wanted to be separated from the vet.

But the extreme hair loss continued; he left his fur everywhere in the car and at home. Tufts of hair were falling off him, so there had to be a track that had kept his separation conflict active.

I suspected possible pain in his shoulder that reminded him of the vet, but it was actually much more apparent.

After I removed the bandage the vet had put on him, the hair loss stopped as suddenly as it started. The bandage was his track and kept his separation conflict active.

Now that he has hardly any fur left on his body, he looks disheveled and emaciated, but he is now visibly comfortable again and doing well. I am sure that his fur will grow back soon.

It is always fascinating to see how precisely Germanische Heilkunde works.

Note by: GHK Academy

Thank you very much for this vivid report. It is indeed not easy to find separation conflicts, and humans quickly tend to psychologize.

The experiences of animals are often easier to understand because animals do not psychologize but go through their lives purely biologically, and they can solve their conflicts only biologically.

I’m sure the wound would have healed without a veterinarian, but at least this veterinary visit left Germanische Heilkunde with a very vivid testimonial. It will help many bald people to understand their active separation conflict better and possibly to be able to find and solve it. Because then also on human bald heads, the hair sprouts again.

Also, the human baldy would only have to take off his “bandage,” which he must have stuck somewhere on his soul, the track which kept his conflict active since his DHS.

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