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Ranking at the Playground – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

The ranking at the playground, Children, clarify the rules among themselves in a biological way.

A father writes …

There is a spacious public concreted area not far from us, where mothers meet with their children – from infants to teenagers – and dogs every evening. It’s like a kindergarten for everyone. My wife usually goes there with our five-year-old left-handed son. They know each other, the kids usually play great together, and the dogs are in the middle of it too.

Three days ago, I was (father) with my son to this place.

A mother and her six-year-old son come to the center about twice a week. Although he is exceptionally handsome and has bright blue eyes, he is particularly difficult. The mother also tells us openly that she is hopelessly overwhelmed with him. Trained by his two much older siblings, he does whatever he wants and lies. When he is caught lying, he laughs derisively and keeps on running. Further, there were three other boys (1×4 years and 2×5 years) with whom my son otherwise plays well. Two of these four other boys have been going to judo for a long time, and from two of them, I know that they are right-handed, from the other two…?

I sat with an acquaintance on the sidelines and chatted while the five boys played chase. The mothers sat a little further away and also were chatting.

Helmut explains in the educational video “Orgasm + Rank Order” from the literature of Dr. Hamer at the example of a pack of wolves, the formation of the rank order.

If a young wolf becomes sexually mature, the alpha must bite him isolative (Mama must not be present), be caught on the wrong foot (backward), and highly acutely traumatically (as brutally as possible) to close the territorial areas to the young wolf. To castrate him cerebrally, to be able to remain alpha itself. That works with the right-potent wolf in such a way. But if the young wolf is left-pawed, the conflict hits the manic side (Knight Hop), and he becomes double manic and again attacks the alpha with double energy. If he wins, the young wolf is the new alpha. But if he also loses the second fight, he is constellated, crazy, and is again under puppy protection as the clown of the pack.

I will keep this terminology to understand the events better, calling the six-year-old right-handed boy (about 5cm taller than all the others) alpha and the three other boys (1×4 +2×5 years old) second wolves to keep the overview of the events in context. My son is the young left-handed wolf in this scenario.

While playing chase, there was a small scuffle, nothing out of the ordinary. But suddenly, the Alpha hit my left-handed son with his fist from behind between the shoulder blades (isolative = father was 15 meters away, caught on the wrong foot = from behind, and highly acute traumatic = brutal). My son turned in my direction, crying, and lamented, “Ouch, that boy hit me!” I pointed an outstretched arm at the Alpha and ordered my son to “turn around and hit back!” Instantly, my son attacked the Alpha with both fists.

Suddenly, however, my son was also attacked by the other three “second wolves” simultaneously with kicks, punches, and tugging at his T-shirt and hair, but this could not slow him down. He became more and more manic and beat wildly, with success. Suddenly, the Alpha came from behind again with a running start and jumped with both feet into my son’s back, who landed stretched out on his front. I was just about to get up to save my son when he jumped up again and gave the Alpha a left-right combination to the face with both fists. The Alpha suddenly stood totally dumbfounded and held his struck face spots with his hands. At full speed (double manic), my son continued to fight against the other three-second wolves while the Alpha had moved to his mother.

One after the other, of the “second wolves” fled to the protection of their mothers. Only the last one had to be “saved” by his mother.

This mother was, of course, incensed at my son. I should bring him up properly; you can’t let him into society. But I just held up four fingers and replied to her, “Four against one, is that fair? My son did fantastic!” Where was she when her son was running roughshod over my son in the pack?

My son ran across the square, jubilant and laughing, with his T-shirt torn. The four losers sat under the protection of their mothers and watched him suspiciously. Then my son took the ex-alpha’s bike, did two laps, and put it down again (marking his territory). If the children were ten years older, he would take the ex-alpha’s girlfriend instead of the bicycle and kiss her in front of everyone (my guess).

I am as proud of my son as a father whose son has won his first real fight. When we got home, we both enthusiastically told the mother/wife what had happened, but I think it’s only natural that mothers don’t react very euphorically to such events.

I am also happy that I was there that evening. After the first blow in the back, my wife would have taken our son, comforting in the arm instead of demanding him to hit back. But this would have programmed his loss of territory conflict and would not have solved it, nor would it have turned it into a triumph.

Since birth, we have resolved to raise our sons according to the following quote (author unknown): “Mothers, raise your sons to be warriors, that they cannot be made soldiers later!”

A warrior has knowledge and conscience, decides on his actions, and does not carry out orders that contradict his conscience. A soldier is a bio-robot who has to follow orders and be given rules without thinking. Knowledge and conscience are only disturbing.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

Even though it may be “politically incorrect,” I applaud and express my appreciation to the little son and also to the father. Bravo!

We can obviously observe this pecking order with children, which is basically “honest” and” natural. ” According to his biological qualification, every child gets his place in the “pack.” In a healthy body, there is a mentally healthy human being! In today’s politics, this pecking order runs no more biologically for everyone, understandably, but is ordered non-biologically and artificially by superordinate powers that put compliant puppets (clowns) into positions these puppets/women would never have reached by themselves. Through the leadership of madmen, society becomes visibly crazier (nonbiological). Truthfulness no longer prevails, but lies and baseness.

We should not take our (false) prophets as an example, but Mother Nature with her (for all equally) valid natural laws.

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