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Nasal Polyps due to Gift – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

My Testimonial with nasal polyps

I want to send you a case of nasal polyps.

My husband suffered from nasal blockage for about 23 years, especially in winter. For years, he could only sleep half sitting or only with the help of a nasal spray.

About ten years ago, he had the adenoids removed by surgery. He heard how they scraped off the polyp during the operation, which was cruel for him, and not to speak of the agony after the operation.

Four years ago, these polyps again became so thick that it was difficult for him to breathe again, and in his distress, he was already thinking a lot about another surgery.

But since we know the Germanische Heilkunde well, we always postponed the surgery. We knew this was not a solution; he had already had a bad experience. I always asked him about a scent conflict, but he could not tell me anything concrete. We thought about it a lot but did not conclude for years. Many experiences in his life came into question, but he was unable to remember any conflict concretely, so we were unable to clear up the tracks either.

We thought he could have once had a scent conflict connected with his work because he had enough of that. He was already sad that he had to put up with the nasal polyps until retirement. But I observed his symptoms; the polyps in his nose were always swollen only in winter. The question was: what is there in winter now that was there then that is not there now in summer – mainly at night? The first thing that comes to mind is the heating, and we suspected it for that. But when we were skiing, there was also heating, and he got normal air there. So that was not the conflict.

We grew up in the same village and were classmates in elementary school, but we were already 40 when we got married. Before that, my husband was married to another woman, so I couldn’t help him find a conflict because I didn’t know his past history.

When we spent a week abroad in winter two years ago, where he started getting normal air from now on, I thought hard and looked for something he brought from his previous marriage that could be the second sideline. And that’s when it occurred to me: He brought a favorite sheepskin sleeping blanket from his first marriage. He never wanted to give it away because he loved it more than anything. By the way, I didn’t like this one because it was too heavy for me, and it was huge, and I could hardly pick it up. But his feet are covered throughout the night just because of the size.

Then I asked him, “Say, maybe didn’t something happen at your house in the winter about 23 years ago, when the heat was on, where that sleeping blanket was included?”

He looked at me dumbfounded, and I knew immediately that I had hit right in the middle. He had already forgotten that!

You can see clearly in people when you have found the conflict.

Then he told me that at that time, he bought four such sheepskin blankets for the whole family for Christmas, and when he showed them to his wife at Christmas, there was a huge fight. The wife was outraged at how he could waste money on such expensive blankets. And these blankets cost a lot of money at that time, and it was more than one could typically earn in half a year. But he thought he had a lot of orders, and currently, they could afford it – after all, this blanket is good for a lifetime.

And that was a vast stink conflict for him, which suddenly ran on two tracks: this sheepskin blanket and the heater. How could his wife make such a row over his gift at Christmas?

Then I said to him: You will never have problems with your nose from today. When we get home, I will exchange your blanket, and I will get this blanket out of the house. He looked at me, relieved. I literally saw a stone fall from his heart. Since then, his nose is no longer blocked. However, for the last month, he has been using his favorite blanket again because he could not get used to any other blanket; they were too small and too light for him. He has realized that such a story can never happen to him again, and he sleeps all night again without waking up because of the blanket being too small.

Thank you for the beautiful cases that you have collected. I hope that we can contribute to your work.

Kind regards
Julianna and Gyuri from Hungary

Note by Helmut Pilhar

Yes, you have given me great pleasure with this testimonial – and probably many other people too!

On the one hand, it is the first experience report with nasal polyps on this home page; on the other hand, I am affected and find myself in it again!

The nasal polyps are, after all, glandular tissue (yellow group), and the conflict is, after all, an (olfactory) morsel conflict.

  • The right side of the nose – not getting a desired morsel of smell
  • The left side of the nose – not getting rid of an unwanted morsel of smell

The handedness is irrelevant here.

I have it on my left nose side in hanging healing (Ozaena, stink nose), and Dr. Hamer means that I was punished once – which I got several times from persons in my environment.

Dear Julianna, please write if Gyuri had it on the left, right, or both sides and if he stunk out of his nose (tuberculous healing).

PS: Congratulations on your detective masterpiece! Also, in this regard, this testimonial is a blast!

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