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Houseplant – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

I would like to share a slightly different testimonial about a Houseplant.

Story: My parents’ apartment has a beautiful houseplant by the window. I was occasionally assigned to water all the plants because my parents went abroad for several weeks. Shortly after their departure, I observed that the large leaf protruded into the room and turned a light green, and two light Hamer Focus could be seen. The leaf turned darker and darker weeks later, and the Hamer Focus turned brown (see photos).


This plant probably suffered a double loss of territory conflict or some other loss conflict (father and mother were gone). Only the leaf affected protruded into the room where my parents stayed the most, and this, therefore, had the most “contact.” The laws of nature, as you can see, apply to humans, animals, and plants 🙂

Maybe you bring my report to animate the plant lovers to look more closely at useful biological plant special programs 🙂 THANKS.

Kind regards,



The conflict was certainly highly acute-dramatic and unexpected because the parents were suddenly gone. Furthermore, the isolative aspect was added because I did not have a green thumb, did not care enough about the plant, and was always “alone.”

Note by Helmut Pilhar

I am happy to publish this “somewhat different” experience report!

Everything alive can suffer a biological conflict. Also, the plant is a living being. Now one would have to put oneself into a plant to feel which conflict it suffered. There would still be a lot to explore in this area.

We humans should become conscious that the creatures around us on this planet likewise have a feeling. But how do we humans proceed with our brothers and sisters, the animals and the plants?

If there were only humans on this earth and neither animals nor plants, we would die! We are interconnected and need each other. We should become the gardener in this paradise “earth” and cherish and care for it. Nature offers everything in abundance. Only human greed cannot satisfy it.

We humans must gain an awareness that we can only live and exist happily with nature, in nature, and from nature. Disrespect for this living creation inevitably leads us into decline.
We must regain respect for the living.

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