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Hiccups – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Testimonial about Hiccups for several weeks.

As a therapist I have been working with German New Medicine for almost 20 years.

What I experienced here was very instructive, exciting, and, once again, proof that German New Medicine is true.

During a weekend stopover in sunny Tessin, I suddenly had a bout of hiccups. In the beginning I had not given any further thought to it because I assumed it would pass. The cause was undoubtedly the vast shopping center, where I did not feel well, and I was overcome by nausea after visiting the perfumery. That’s when I felt like I couldn’t breathe. As soon as I was outdoors again, the hiccups started.

It was different this time. This bout of hiccups would not stop. The Ca-phase should last for the same time as the healing phase, i.e., one hour. So I patiently endured the discomfort.
It was very unpleasant because the hiccups lasted for 2 hours without a break and then there was a break for 10 minutes.

After five days, I was fed up. I was totally exhausted, and so I took the 6th day off. I contacted friends and good therapist colleagues, but they couldn’t help me either. And then finally I found the solution to the riddle!
That evening I was driving through the neighbouring village, which belongs to the same political municipality and where my mother lives. I have had no more contact with her for five years, but this would be another story or even worth a book!

I said to my wife, “Oh, it’s nice that my mother will be moving away from here soon. That’s a real relief!” (translation: then I can breathe freely again). And then the blinders fell off! I had seen my mother about two weeks before. We passed by each other in our cars – that’s when I got scared. I was sure she hadn’t recognised me because I was driving my garage’s car. Shortly after, I learned of her planned move away, but that didn’t seem to resolve the conflict. When I went to Tessin with my wife, without my children, I had a conversation that resolved the conflict. So the fact that the hiccups occurred right after the visit to the shopping center was a coincidence.

Now I could calculate how long the hiccups (= healing phase) would last:
On April 9th – the DHS – I had run across my mother.
On April 21st – the healing phase – the hiccups began.
11 days in total. Thus the healing phase would also lasts 11 days until May 2nd.
On April 27/28 – I had the epi-crisis; I felt really bad then. That’s exactly how it was.
On May 2nd at 0.30 am – I had the last hiccups, and for a long time. I had woken up in the morning by the alarm clock and not by these “hics.”

I was sure all the time that it could be ‘nothing serious’ because emotionally, I felt like a million bucks. The calmer I remained with the discomfort (like a baby), the better I felt. After realising the cause and duration, I could accept it even more easily.

I also knew that conventional medicine could not solve any cause: I read on the Internet about brain operations to change the reflex center, epilepsy drugs, and the like, and I heard about patients who are given very strong drugs in hospitals. And what did I do? Nothing.
I only recognised the cause and the course and waited patiently until the 11 days were over. If I hadn’t known about German New Medicine, I would have consulted a conventional doctor in the epi-crisis when I was so miserable.

I am highly grateful to Mr. Hamer for his German New Medicine and to you, Mr. Pilhar, for continuing to impart this knowledge in an unadulterated way!
Best regards
Mr. E.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

When you know the cause and how long the healing phase will take, you bear everything much easier. Having lost fear, it is much easier to endure the pain.

Hiccups are the epileptic seizure of the diaphragm (striated muscles, orange group). The conflict content: “I am running out of breath,” “I am not catching my breath.”

In this testimonial, the interesting part is the healing phase with permanent hiccups and the culmination described as a violent crisis. When one resolves a motor conflict because of the edema in the brain, the paralysis seems to get worse, but the signals come through little by little, and one has uncontrolled twitching. That seems to have been the extended hiccups in this case. (In the hanging healing, this would be Parkinson’s disease in skeletal muscle).

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