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Dog bark causes a Fast Flu – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Fast Flu because of the nightly barking of my dog, GHK experience report

Being sick is almost fun when you can instantly identify the conflicts, as it happened to me the other day. There are three mini-conflicts of a typical cold.
With best regards
Viola H.

A 15-minute flu

It was the last night in a vacation apartment. My dog woke me up with a loud woof. I thought, “What does he want?” and went back to sleep. The next woof, I wondered, “What could he want?” With the third woof, it became apparent to me that I had to get up. My dog came to meet me in the hallway, jumping and wagging his tail, then running to the apartment door. It was obvious that he needed to get out urgently. It was 4:00 am.

This whole situation was very unusual because my dog usually doesn’t have to go out at night. And he usually doesn’t bark when he needs to and doesn’t show it so clearly. He can hold out for eternity if you don’t tell him to go out.

I was afraid he would soil the rental apartment, so I hurried and put on a skirt and jacket over my nightgown, slipped into my shoes, with the leash and keys in hand, I rushed down the stairs. Outside, the dog took off into the dark and returned after 2 minutes. As I started to walk and I saw my dog make a nice pile of poo, and he peed several times. After 15 minutes, I was sure that he was okay again.

As I climbed the stairs, I started feeling a sore throat on the left side. Aha, the morsel of feces I didn’t want in the apartment! The sore throat was gone after 10 minutes.

All the physical activity had made me warm, but my skin was icy when I returned to bed. Then I started to cough. I immediately realized that it was a scare-fright cough and that the cough would not last for more than 15 minutes. It was sudden and unexpected, and I was alone with the problem. I was afraid that the dog would ruin the apartment. I was only conflict-active for the period that the dog was in the apartment, and that was a maximum of 2 minutes. Maybe I should add the 2 minutes he went off in the dark, and 15 minutes had passed after that. So the cough also lasted for about a quarter of an hour. In fact, I was coughing for the entire 15 minutes. It was not just a tickle in the throat, there was even something coming loose, and towards the end of the 15 minutes, I was mostly just clearing my throat. A cough in fast motion, so to speak. Fascinating.

After being back in bed for 5 minutes, I got a cold, and my right nostril was blocked. Did I have a stink conflict then? No, wait, it’s about scent. I had thoroughly sniffed the apartment when I returned to ensure I had not missed anything. I had actually planned to do that on the walk. I wanted to smell something – thus right side.

How would I have dealt with this experience when I didn’t know German New Medicine? I would have had a huge scare fright that I had caught another cold because I had been walking outside lightly dressed, for a quarter of an hour, in temperatures around zero. That cough would have lasted for weeks or months. The whole thing would have stunk to me, and the cold would have turned out accordingly. Of course, the cold is also a morsel I do not want; thus, sore throat included.

Since this spring, I’ve had to deal with a severe, three-week cough on two occasions. A person believing in conventional medicine would probably have anxiously gone to the doctor. And the doctor might have come up with an “immune deficiency” diagnosis. Maybe the whole thing would have ended a year later as an AIDS case because a dog was barking.

It is so beautiful to know why I am “ill.” It saves a lot of follow-up conflicts!

Note from GHK Academy

Thank you for this well-described everyday story.
You can see from this minor example that you cannot protect yourself from conflicts, even if you have understood the Germanische Heilkunde (conflicts are the cause of illness).

Furthermore, you cannot stop the healing process from happening.

And if you know who the boogieman is you won’t be afraid, and you can minimize any drama. This offers you a smooth transition back to health.

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