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A Spontaneous Cure to Parkinson’s Disease – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

A Spontaneous Cure to Parkinson’s Disease, a young woman tells how she succeeded.

Hi John 🙂, thank you for your online course – it is amazing and extremely helpful. I am glad I am able to attend. I wanted to share a little story about resolving a conflict. I am not sure if I identified and resolved it correctly as I don’t have a tutorial on Musculature yet. It were your comments in the chat that really helped me a lot. So maybe you have some correction/comments on this? Thank you for your time 🙏

A 34-y.o. RH female with normal hormone status. Not long time ago I noticed a little tremor in my right hand. As a student of GHK, I didn’t panic because I knew it was a healing phase. But the tremor didn’t go away completely. Sometimes it seemed to disappear (active again?), sometimes it got better, sometimes worse. Anyway, it didn’t really bother me very much. But then I noticed something interesting. Each time I picked up my phone with my right hand, the tremor got much worse resulting in involuntary twitches and muscle contractions. It didn’t hurt at all, but the hand holding phone was shaking strangely with fingers twitching uncontrollably. As soon as I grabbed my phone with both hands or only with my left hand the seizure stopped.
So it had to do something with my smartphone which was obviously a track for me. And it only happened in a right hand.
I read that Parkinson’s was a hanging epi-crisis. Well, that’s great news I thought, that means I am almost healed, I just need to find a cause for that track.
I started investigating and found something.
It happens to everyone that their smartphone drops occasionally and it happened many times to me as well.
But then I lost my previous smartphone and buying a new phone (the one I have now) was a real struggle at the time because of my financial situation. Finally, I got a new one and tried to handle the smartphone very carefully because I knew I couldn’t afford a new one soon.
But one day I was holding it with my right hand reading something, scrolling down – and somehow it just slipped out and fell on the paved road. I was shocked because I couldn’t figure out how it happened. “What’s wrong with that hand!! Why can’t you hold it normally??” flashed through my head. The phone wasn’t broken in fact, only a little scratch on the screen left.
So I assumed that could be the reason.
Then I grabbed my smartphone with my right hand again and noticed those involuntary contractions, twitches, and the longer I held the phone the worse it got.
Then I told to myself: Can I live a life without grabbing a smartphone with my right hand? Well, I would love to but so far it is impossible. Then I thought, what am I afraid of? Even if this one falls I will buy a new one, a cheap one, and I won’t lose my contacts, sim card or information. But that wasn’t all.
I was looking at my shaking hand holding the smartphone, and suddenly I realized: this is just a stupid piece of plastic/metal, it is not even good for me or my health; while my hand is a masterpiece of evolution, billions of years, designed by Nature. This stupid phone was just too heavy for my little female hand, and I didn’t even really like it.
Believe it or not, in 1-2 minutes all the symptoms were gone. Now I have no tremors anymore, and I can grab my phone with my right hand anytime, and no shaking or twitching anymore.

Note by John Holledauer

Hey Natalie, Thank you so much for this testimonial.
You know that this tremor was nothing else than Parkinson’s, and as I told in the chat, this is a hanging crisis. You just need to recognize the symptom correctly, know the conflict content behind it, and find your conflict in your psyche, which only you can know, nobody else. And you have to find a way either to solve the conflict or to avoid the track.
Avoiding the track would have meant that you would have never been allowed to hold your phone with your right hand.
Much better, of course, is to find a way to resolve the conflict.
Every SBS always has three criteria:

  • highly acutely traumatic,
  • isolatively perceived,
  • and unexpected, surprising, caught on the wrong foot.

If one of these criteria is not met, it is not a biological conflict shock.
Conversely, this also means the conflict is resolved if one of the three criteria is gone.
You have managed to take the traumatic aspect out of the conflict. You have made yourself aware that this plastic piece is not worth suffering from Parkinson’s for the rest of your life. If it breaks, it’s still annoying, but it’s not the end of the world. And by removing the dramatic aspect from the conflict, you’ve solved the original conflict and, with it, the track, which was this phone, but also would have been any other phone.

Your example shows perfectly what the difference is between knowing and not knowing. The time, energy, and money you have invested in your self-study of Germanische Heilkunde have now saved you from being a lifelong Parkinson’s patient.
I hope your example will be the impulse for others to start their own GHK studies because everyone can only heal themselves.
Thank you again.

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