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Cancer in Israel

Newsletter of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Berlin about cancer in Israel

Cancer in Israel
Cancer in Israel

Cancer; is remarkably rare in Israel

The National Cancer Registrar of Israel, Dr. Micha Barchana, recently announced that cancer rates in his country, already very low, are fortunately continuing to decline. This is especially true of colon, breast, and lung cancer.

Already in 2004, of Israel’s 7.4 million inhabitants, only just 152 people died of cancer. In purely mathematical terms, this resulted in a sensational number of 0.4 cancer deaths per day.
For comparison: In the same year, 220,000 people died of cancer in Germany alone – i.e., 601 people every day. There were 55 cancer deaths per day in Austria in 2008, and “only” 40 in Switzerland.

In Israel, however, this number is still lower by a factor of 100! Israeli statistics show that most cancer victims come from the non-Jewish population.
Thus, the death rate among Jews is again lower.
Why is this? Do Israelis live healthier? Not really, because there too, for example, every fourth person smokes. The key is the cancer treatment itself: Because in Israel, cancer is viewed from a holistic perspective, and the total detoxification of body, soul, and spirit is given top priority, in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Quite obviously, this natural therapy approach works very well. It’s a pity that conventional medicine in the rest of the world still insists on the “murder business” of chemotherapy, radiation, and radial sections. After all, this does not help. Worldwide, the number of cancer cases is still on the rise. In Europe alone, a total of 1.7 million people died of cancer in 2006. However, insiders estimate that, in reality, there are far more because many cancer patients later die as a result of conventional treatment and then end up in the statistics column for “cardiovascular deaths.”

Numbers can shed light on many things. For example, if the annual cancer deaths in a country are related to the respective population size, converted to one million inhabitants, and the values obtained in this way are compared with each other in the various countries: For one million Germans, there are 2683 cancer victims per year. This comparative figure in the EU (25 member states) is 2522 deaths; in Israel, 21. Thus, the risk of dying from cancer is 120 times greater in Europe than in Israel.
Therefore, there is only one thing to do: Either immigrate to Israel or just get naturopathic treatment. 64/2009)

Source: AIDS, die Krankheit die es garnicht gibt. (AIDS, a disease that does not exist)
Dr. med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer

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