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Aggressive Biomaniac Neighbor – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Death of an old lady by assaults of an aggressive biomaniac neighbor (sociopath)

Suppose an active Hamer Focus in the cerebral cortex’s territorial area in the left rectal relay and on the opposite side in the right gastric relay. In that case, respectively, the affected person is in an aggressive biomanic constellation (choleric).

Through the frequent visiting of my grandchildren, I came into the neighborhood to an old lady, unfortunately in skin-close contact with a sociopath living there. That he had been elected as a management council of the owners’ association, I can only explain to myself that others, in their restraint, let this yapper come to the course. He already shouted wildly if children (so also my grandchildren) behaved only in normal form.

Because of this threatening character and a bad example for my grandchildren, I decided to ring his bell after one of his screaming fits and ask him to moderate. However, he only got louder and louder and wanted me to leave the stairwell hallway. I did not give in to the weirdo’s will. I clung to the fence when he tried to throw me down the stairs. Despite his shouting, which could be heard violently on the street, he could not achieve any success with me in his territorial anger conflict. Afterward, I confronted him in writing so, and he threatened to report me to the police if I confronted him with another letter. So I wrote again. And again, he could not balance his territorial anger as I clarified to him that if he reported me, he would only be putting himself in a position to be punished. In times of Corona-distance-bid, he was brutally on my heels. One must be pretty stupidly manic that one wants to indicate another, bringing itself into a position that can be pursued as a misdemeanor or criminal offense.

Such a sociopath in his biomanic constellation can, of course, not find calm and level-headed behavior. Since his apartment had no parking space, he then tried to act out his territorial conflict with my son. He blocked the garage exit of my son with his car, and justified it self-righteously with the fact that the money of the owners’ association (thus also something of his reserve share) had been used for tarring the garage entrance. And he threatened further, and woe one touches his car… Over the house administration, he could be induced first to the proper withdrawal of his car. But a biomaniac is hard to stop when it comes to the territory of his sacred car, which has no proper place of its own. When he later obstructed my son’s garage exit again, the police were called in, and he had to vacate the territory that did not belong to him.

My son’s neighbor, an old lady with diabetes and corresponding medication, had just gotten rid of her car so that she no longer occupied her parking space. As a result, the sociopath occupied her parking space without consulting her. He also applied to the property management as an agenda item for the next owners’ meeting to sell her parking space to him.

When she returned, refreshed from her vacation, the harmony-oriented old lady was shocked by the written invitation to the owners’ meeting. She could not have expected what she had read there. She had never planned to sell her parking space. But to get involved in a dispute with this aggressively dominant and encroaching neighbor at the owners’ meeting was something that she did not want to experience under any circumstances. As an elected management board member, I was also keen to achieve a balance.

In the confrontational inhibition to fight off the unjustified claims of the psychopath, the fear/disgust or female resistance conflict, which leads to the reduction of the blood sugar, could not be solved in the lady. She had lost her appetite because of the disgusting vomit morsel (territorial anger that could not act out due to the inhibition mentioned above is also to be assumed), so no refreshment of the blood glucose level took place from the outside. Additionally, the diabetes medication had a blood-glucose-lowering effect. If, in addition to the healing crisis, which often occurs at night, the blood sugar continues to drop sharply, then there is no more fuel to keep the body functioning. The following day, she could not eat breakfast after returning from vacation. She was found dead in her apartment.

This case clearly shows that Germanische Heilkunde encourages good social interaction and that with its knowledge under challenging situations, measures could be taken against the risk of death.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

Terrible, terrible…

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