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Peed in Bed after Discussion – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Peed in bed in the epi-Crisis of a territory marking conflict in a fully breastfeeding mother

After an annoying discussion the day before, I peed in bed early in the morning.

Since the beginning of my last pregnancy 15 months ago, I have been hormonally male and right-handed. Since I am fully breastfeeding, this has not changed until today. Since then, I also have had male territorial instincts and thinking.

I have known Germanische Heilkunde in great detail for 11 years. Since I am hormonally male, I feel the Germanische in particular and the subject of my family’s health and, of course, my children as my territory to defend from the male point of view.

Typically, my husband gets into mostly pointless discussions with system sheep. How often have I admonished him to let it be. The sheep fight visibly for their right to remain trapped in fear and superstition. Each word of reality – no matter to which topic – these sheep fight bitterly.

Yesterday evening, at the children’s playground, we again met some Polish families whom we have known for some time, as the children usually play well together.

These are aware that a mask protects against a virus just as reliably as fishnet tights protect against the cold. Therefore, none of these parents has ever worn a mask. However, all of them believe the pronouncements of the media.

My husband has often tried to take away these people’s beliefs in Corona, in vain. Most of the time, he was reprimanded by me afterward because he simply could not recognize that these sheep did not want to know the truth. They fight formally to be allowed to live obediently in fear and panic.

Yesterday, however, it caught me!

A woman I know well, and a mother herself, told me that she had not been afraid of Corona until now. But now, several members of her family in Poland have fallen ill with it. They cough and have lost the sense of smell, which are apparent symptoms in addition to the test. Now she is also afraid.

My husband has been putting wires in his ears and checking to see what’s new on the front lines of the Patriots’ and Trump’s war against the forces of darkness. Finally, he is listening to my advice.

But I wanted to help this woman out of her fear through her superstition. For one hour, I talked my mouth off. I argued, explained, and told like possessed.

Everything that came back was: “I don’t believe that! I can’t believe that! I don’t want to believe that!” Believe – believe – believe!

I discussed laws of nature, facts, and proofs, and she always answered me only with faith!

On the way home, my husband recommended that I bang my head against the wall for half an hour, which would help get this mental garbage out again. Well, he has plenty of experience and should know.

I was annoyed with myself because I had behaved precisely as I had criticized my husband so often. It’s not so fun being hormonally male and going out in such crazy times.

At home, we always have Dr. Hamer’s Studentenmädchen on 24/7 quietly in the background as a sprinkler. Living with kids in such crazy times, I don’t know how other families survive without Studentenmädchen.

In the evening, I was exhausted and went to sleep as soon as the children were in bed.

It was still dark; I was suddenly wide awake and realized I was about to pee in bed. Even worse, I couldn’t stop it. I jumped out of bed and ran to the toilet. All the way, I had successfully marked.

Sitting on the toilet, I had obsessive thoughts from last night’s discussion with this woman. Maybe I should have banged my head against the wall after all. To get that out, but I was just in the middle of the crisis of a territorial marking conflict, with all the associated symptoms, it was 5:10 am.

My husband has learned it after a long time. He limits himself to the most necessary gestures of politeness, plugs the cables into his ears, and is in another world. It remains for me the realization to pay better attention and listen to my advice in the future and not get involved in senseless discussions with system sheep.

Make German New Medicine your hobby because even the best shepherd always guides the sheep to the slaughterhouse, sooner or later.


Note by Helmut Pilhar

The bladder sphincter has a partner and mother/child side. That it can go to bed, both sides must be involved conflictively. This mother was also concerned about her children.

That would be one possibility! The other possibility would be the epileptic crisis of the myocardium (epileptic seizure of a solved overwhelmed conflict), which generalized can also lead to wetting the bed. See also similar enuresis in people with epilepsy.


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