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Liver Bile Duct Obstruction (Hepatitis) – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Hepatitis; Liver Bile Duct Obstruction Cured by a Dream

I would like to tell you my case example, and you are welcome to publish it on the GHK Academy website and in the study groups on Telegram. Hopefully, it will be helpful for others to understand GHK better. Also, please correct me if I misunderstood something because I dreamt about my conflict and solved my conflict with this dream.

My husband and I have lived together for 40 years. We raised three children and have five grandchildren. Life is good.

My husband always treated me respectfully, lovingly, and caringly. This changed some time ago, and I felt he suddenly no longer loved me, nor respected me, and he even mistreated me. He criticised me frequently, and often he made nasty remarks.

I thought he had just changed for the worse because of his age. Thank you for your webinar on hormones. I suddenly understood everything about gender behavior and gender roles. But that alone didn’t make it any easier. I was still offended and reacted unpleasantly towards my husband, and we argued, argued, and argued again. But at least I honestly tried to implement all my new GHK knowledge.

Recently, I had a dream about war. In this dream, my husband and I were watching military operations from above, and there were explosions and fire. My husband was pointing and explaining what was happening, and I was watching everything from behind him and was not afraid because he was protectively in front of me. I suddenly woke up from burning pain in my upper abdomen and back. I could not bear the pain for long, and I had to give myself an injection (I am a retired doctor).

Thanks to this dream, I solved the riddle of our family disharmony. I realized my husband’s task is to support and protect me. It was clear in my dream that I am part of the problem because after menopause, with my now male hormones, I also react and behave in a male way. Because I wanted to put myself in front of my husband like a man, I challenged his biological role.

The pain changed its character from the active phase to the healing phase, like a weight pressing on the right side of my abdomen. It hurt when I turned. But I understood that it was a swelling of the liver bile ducts because of the healing phase of the squamous epithelium.

This understanding calmed me a lot and took away my fear. For the first time, I now understood what was going on. And also, in my relationship with my husband, everything changed with this realization. Remarks from him are no longer offensive to me now.

It is as if I have exchanged my husband for an attentive and smiling friend. This was a male-perceived territorial anger conflict, which I resolved thanks to your GHK webinar and my dream.
Many thanks to Natalie, the GHK Academy, and Doctor Hamer.

Comment GHK Academy

Like the saying about problems that dissolve in dreams.
Our brain constantly tries to find real solutions to unresolved conflicts, even when we are asleep. We then call this dreaming. The brain then incorporates all the information at its disposal to show you images that you can interpret correctly to solve your real conflict with your husband in real terms as well.

The problem of harmonious relationships that suddenly become non-stop struggles is old news, though it has always remained misunderstood.
It took Doctor Hamer to look into nature’s cards for us and teach us that there are biological laws of nature that make all life possible and control everything in a biologically meaningful way, right down to our dreams.

You described it correctly: more than the intellectual recognition of the biological laws of nature is needed; we are way too entrenched in our non-biological thinking. First, we need to go through various special programs with our own bodies, experience it in our bodies to know it truly and not just understand it intellectually. But this process of going from believing that the GHK is true to knowing that the GHK is true usually takes years.

Make Germanische Heilkunde your hobby, and you will never cease to be amazed at the wisdom of nature.

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