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Heart Attack because of a Rival – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

About my Heart Attack, I have wanted to write my testimonial for some time (years have passed).

Now here it is

I had (!?) many pretty girlfriends, among others, also in Thailand. One of them I have married in her country. I have known her for about two years, and she saved the money I gave her over time. That impressed me. Then we opened a massage store for her. Clean, new, and cost-effective. She wanted her own business and thus didn’t have to work for others anymore. That went relatively well, and one day, I told her that we could get married if she wanted. If one day we maybe didn’t want to stay together any longer, then no stress, and we would do what we wanted. We agreed with this, and so we got married in Bangkok. I continued to live in Austria and came to Thailand about every two and a half months.

Since she was very attractive, I told her, “If you find a man with better qualities than me, tell me … really no problem …. just tell me …. etc.” I have no problems staying alone, on the contrary.

About; a year later, in Thailand, people told me that there might be something wrong. Well, I asked her whether there could be another man. She vehemently denied it and became angry. Nevertheless … After a few days, I finally had her ready, and she couldn’t believe how I could find out. (On the one hand, I had confidential information; on the other hand, I am a man who knows women well. Moreover, thanks to German New Medicine, I can relatively well assess the behavior of people).

Of course, she had been looking for a richer nest enlarger, and I didn’t even blame her. But – my condition was just to tell me the truth – she hadn’t done that and was super pissed, and that caught me on the wrong foot. I thought she was intelligent after all, etc.

“Ok, no problem … I told her, smiling … you take your younger and richer German, and ten other girls are waiting for me around the corner.” Of course, she started the blame game with blah blah …. Tears and more blah blah.

About 3 hours later, we found ourselves making love again. So, I staked out my territory damn well again and solved the conflict right away.

However, immediately after the theatrical climax, I had such strong stitches in my heart that I could no longer speak or breathe. Barely could I straighten my upper body …

Wow … a heart attack …..!!!

Somehow I managed to show her that I just wanted to sit on the floor quietly, leaning forward. After all, I had known German New Medicine for many years and knew for myself that this pain would not last that long because shock and resolution were so close in time. After a few hours, I remember that the pain had decreased so much that I could fall asleep.

My wife wanted to take me to the hospital, which I ultimately refused to do anyway. I think I remember that three days later, I had almost no pain or none at all.

That was about four years ago. She was able to persuade me to stay with her, even though I didn’t want to anymore. Today she lives and works here in Austria. She is successful, hardworking, and still married.

Thank you, Heinz

PS. I am a positive guy who is not insensitive.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

It is a great honor if I can help people understand Germanische Heilkunde and thereby help themselves and their environment to survive a heart attack.

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