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Croup for Christmas – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Baby got croup as a gift from Santa Claus.

Even though the following testimonial is several years old, and I have published it in a forum, I am happy to make it available for publication. Provided that it is correct in content.

It also fits perfectly into the pre-Christmas season.

Many greetings


The so-called croup (shortness of breath with laryngitis) occurs primarily in infants and young children and can be chronic.

After being confronted with this disease for the first time in the pre-Christmas period, I tried to find the cause in my daughter according to German New Medicine.

Here is the result of my consideration, whereby I would like to emphasize that I am not a therapist:

The DHS of laryngitis is a scare-fright conflict (e.g., one is speechless). In other words, a completely unexpected, unknown danger. In the conflict-active phase, no severe symptoms are noticed. After the solution, the mucous membrane of the larynx swells, hindering breathing, and the voice changes noticeably.

On the Internet and in relevant advice books, we read, among other things, that croup occurs primarily in the cold season and can become chronic.

The DHS with my little daughter (then just under two years) was – Santa Claus!!!!

I’m 90% sure that an unexpected experience with a man-sized, suddenly talking Christmas puppet in a rather crowded retail environment was the trigger. We didn’t think anything of it, but her reaction to the scene was quite striking. In the weeks that followed, she left behind this red creature, avoided relevant books, and got a fearful look on her face when people talked about him.

We, of course, eventually began to ease the fear and did not continue to stir it up. From about the 3rd Advent, she had obviously come to terms with this man. From then on, she no longer spoke of Santa Claus, but of the “Santa Claus doll” and that he was friendly and brought presents – I don’t know when and how, but the conflict had obviously gone into solution in the absence of further negative experiences or through conversations with grandma or us.

Her croup attacks during the healing phase sounded quite “dangerous” (barking), but they were not. I think that if you prevent the child from getting upset and crying (fulfill every wish) and do not warm the throat but rather cool it, there is no danger of extreme respiratory distress due to the swelling. We had been given cortisone suppositories for the swelling by the family doctor in case of emergency (danger of suffocation?!) but did not need them.

If one considers my experience to end, one should consider whether one uses Santa Claus with small and/or sensitive children as an education method. Or whether one goes with darkness on appropriate markets (by the way, the cold season with its early breaking darkness and the uncanny noises seem to be also particularly suitable to produce scare fright conflicts, which would explain the remarkable increase in this time).

Well, how it will become chronic is anyone’s guess (“Every year again”). Nevertheless, this disease was a school for life for my little mouse.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

The girl must be right-handed. If she were left-handed, the female scare-fright conflict would have hit the bronchial relay, and the left-handed girl would have become depressed (silent). In the healing phase, the left-handed girl would not have reacted with croup but with (spastic) bronchitis.

Finding the conflict in small children is usually only possible through the mother. She knows her child best and knows all incidents. Our writing father, Peter, should also know his children quite well.

In kindergartens etc., the child is without maternal protection. If a conflict happens to the child, it cannot break through its isolation without a reference person. Finding such conflicts is not always easy. It is also biological to let strangers look after children. Especially in kindergartens, many conflicts and schizophrenic constellations (stop of maturity) happen, often lasting a lifetime.

Mothers, stay with your children! Your children will thank you with health and splendid development. Is there anything more beautiful than being able to look at your children with pride? That fills your own life with meaning!

A policy that separates children from their mothers (kindergarten) acts against human nature. From animal experiments, we know the consequences: Diseases, behavioral problems, developmental disorders … it’s time for a new policy!

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