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Chronic Sinusitis due to Video Games, German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Suffered from chronic sinusitis due to video games.

For years, I have wanted to write several testimonials to you, and now the time is finally right. Here is my testimonial:

Since I was a teenager, I had sinusitis. It was sometimes more and sometimes less severe, but all doctors treated me excellently with antibiotics. From the age of 22, I lived alone, and I moved to Berlin for education, and from then on, my sinusitis became more frequent and worse, about six times a year – thus chronic. I went to many doctors, all of whom prescribed only antibiotics, which I was supposed to take for 10 – 14 days with each new illness (probably an average of 65 days a year with antibiotics). I was shocked when I had a swab taken by a “good” ENT doctor to check which antibiotic the bacteria were resistant to. The bacteria were resistant to all common antibiotics. For the first time in my life, I started to educate myself, and after some time, I came across the new Germanische Heilkunde. This was the only logical concept, without any exceptions.

I am left-handed. My left sinus has always been the problem – which is my partner site. I bought and studied several books, but could not identify my conflict. I did not exchange about it with anyone because everyone to whom I tried to explain only the approach declared me crazy and was laughing at me. Many months later, I woke up in the morning and knew my conflict – it was Fifa, a computer game. I regularly played the computer game Fifa with friends. Since I moved to Berlin and didn’t have such a large circle of friends, I played significantly more often and got incredibly annoyed when I was better and still lost a game. I was in the top 2% internationally in the very highest league online, and any defeat could lead to relegation. The conflict felt intensely helps explain a few destroyed controllers. I boiled with rage when I played better and still lost.

Since that day, I have never played Fifa again. This was seven years ago, and I haven’t taken antibiotics in 7 years. I still get sinusitis from time to time today, for example, when I argue with someone, but never severely. Above all, it is very reassuring to know what the symptoms are for, and no longer have to rely on a doctor. With the knowledge of GNM, I have already been able to help some people.

My biggest thanks go, of course, to Mr. Hamer, but of course also to you, Mr. Pilhar. This knowledge has influenced all our lives. Maybe we will see each other in El Paraiso Verde. Thank you very much for your work, and God bless you.

A warm greeting from Berlin


Note by Helmut Pilhar

These computer games! How I hate them. All the more remarkable is my respect that our friend got rid of this vice. And this, although he was a celebrity. Congratulations.

This testimonial is a perfect example of hanging healing via tracks. It once stank to him terribly that he lost at this game, and the game itself programmed itself as a track.

In the active phase, the squamous mucosa ulcerates and is dry, which is not necessarily noticeable. In the exudative healing phase, it is replenished with secretion, swelling, and pain. If he played this game, he was conflict active. If he did not play, he was in the healing phase.

In Berlin, he played even more often, and the healing phase symptoms worsened. Until he recognized the cause and turned it off. And poof, the symptom was gone. Wonderful, isn’t it?

  • Cost of this therapy: none
  • Side effect of this therapy: none
  • Gratitude: great

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