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Histologic Formation: From brainstem to organ not crossed. Cauliflower-like adeno-carcinoma of the secretory type. Areal growing adeno-carcinoma of the resorptive type. Microbes: According to the

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Diagnosis Chart Cerebellum

Mesoderm old

Histologic Formation: Cerebellum-Mesoderm: Crossed from cerebellum to organ. Compact, adenoid cauliflower-like tumors of secretory type. Areal growing tumors of the resorptive type. Microbes: The fungi

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Cerebral Medulla Diagnostic Chart

Mesoderm new

Histological Formation: Cerebrum mesoderm: Cerebral Medulla of the cerebrum. Crossed from the cerebrum’s medullary layer to the organ. The cerebrum-controlled mesodermal organs make necroses (osteolysis)

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Chart Cerebral Cortex-Ectoderm


Histologic Formation: Cellular atrophy-SBS with squamous ulcers-Ca in ca-phase, in healing phase scarring-restitutive reconstruction of ulcers. Microbiota: –

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