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Birth and Puerperium – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

This pregnancy, the Birth, and Puerperium was a wonderful, fulfilling, still not effortless time.

Dear Dr. Hamer

Now our golden treasure is four months old, and I remember well when I visited your seminar in Munich in the fifth month of pregnancy. But from the beginning.

If you are familiar with German New Medicine and therefore do not want to have ultrasound examinations during pregnancy, it is challenging to find appropriate prenatal care. We quickly turned our backs on the gynecologist, and I wanted to avoid a hospital delivery by all means. We decided to go to the birth center, and the midwife would only be cared for in the future. And we were lucky. We couldn’t ask for a better midwife. The only condition for being cared for by her and giving birth in the birth center was an ultrasound in the 34th week of pregnancy. Damn! That was the catch. Unfortunately, there was no alternative because midwives must go through crap like that to ensure everything is okay with the baby.

In the 26th SSW, I was sure that I was about to deliver my baby. I had muscular contractions (2 contractions in 10 minutes), my belly had sunk, the cervix was open, and I was so scared.

What had happened?

On this day, the craftsmen were busy all day in our apartment. I have done the usual chores in the meantime and was pretty broken afterward. I had made a stupid move, and suddenly it hit me in the back. I was sure it was sciatica. It has been happening more often lately. So, I laid down on the couch and waited for my husband to get home soon from his early shift. Shortly after he got home, my ex-husband called. He wanted to drop something off. I told him he could come over. Contact was very sparse, but we still got along well, and my now-husband liked him too.

A short time later, the doorbell rang. My husband let him in and sent him to me. The workmen just held him up. When my ex-husband saw me, his first words were: “Boah, but you’ve become really fat.”, followed by an “I hope your child won’t be as ugly as your sister’s for once.” I was shocked, and I could not react at all. Once again, I realized why we had divorced. He never wanted children, and during our marriage, he always spoke disparagingly about pregnant women, perhaps also to drive such “nonsense” out of me from the start. Anyway, he had just proven brilliantly once again that he was an idiot. But still, I couldn’t react appropriately, and I didn’t want to make a scene either. The whole thing was highly acute and dramatic for me. After all, I was experiencing the happiest time in my life up to that point, and then this was talked down to you. And more. He insulted not only me but also my child. I would have loved to go for his throat. But the conflict was also isolating. My husband was busy with the workmen one floor below.

My ex-husband seemed to notice my tension, and before I could throw him out, he left himself. A few hours later, it must have been 5:00 p.m., the workmen were also gone, and I could talk to my husband calmly about what had happened with my ex-husband. He listened to me full of love, compassion, and understanding; shortly after that, the contractions began. Why contractions of all things and not twitching in my hands and arms (as symptoms of healing from the conflict of not being able to defend myself and going for my ex’s throat) is still a mystery to me today. I didn’t know my way in or out. The idea that I would have to go to the hospital where my child would be born far too early and be in an incubator destroyed me. I had a fear as I had never had in my life, and all of a sudden, a brilliant idea came to me. I needed to hear the Studentenmädchen. I needed it to come down. Then an even better idea came to me. I ran the Studentenmädchen through the MP3 player, plugged in the headphones, turned the healing music relatively low but easily audible, and taped the headphones to my belly, so my baby could listen too. At about 01:00, the spook was over, and I fell asleep without contractions with my husband by my side and with the Studentenmädchen taped to my belly.

The next day we went to my midwife at the birth center to have her take a look. The labor recorder recorded mild contractions, but it was no comparison to the night before.

Diligently we continued to listen to the Studentenmädchen, and the day after, it was as if nothing had ever happened. It was a miracle.

From then on, for the rest of the pregnancy, I only listened to the Studentenmädchen, and fearing that my ex-husband might be a track, I cut off contact completely.

Precisely on the calculated day, our daughter Isabelle saw the light of day in the birth center. The whole birth lasted 4 hours and was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced. There were no complications. She gently welcomed life with a short squeak and then fell blissfully asleep with my husband and me after she had eaten her fill. I also attribute this quick and beautiful birth to the Studentenmädchen.

The time in postpartum was beautiful. My husband carried me in his hands, spoiled me to my heart’s content with his cooking skills, and the little one also seemed to like it very much. However, she had conjunctivitis shortly after she was born. The midwife was worried and wanted to give us herbal eye drops. This was well-intentioned, but we wanted to find and resolve the conflict our daughter had. Our daughter’s right eye was affected, with some improvement during the day, and the next morning everything started all over again. The eye was reddened and very sticky. Our detective work had begun:

The right eye indicated that she wanted to see something. The ca-phase was at night, and the pcl-phase started in the morning.

We thought she wanted to see something at night. She was sleeping in bed with us but couldn’t see us visually through the darkness. We tried it a few nights by leaving the light on, so the little one could see us. That was the solution. With this method, she built up the confidence that she was not alone at night, and conjunctivitis improved quickly until it was finally completely gone.

Since that time, our daughter has also been sleeping through the night.

She was less than three weeks old at the time. Unfortunately, another conflict was waiting for us, which we were exposed to without protection, but for which we had prepared ourselves. The tiresome topic of “pediatrician.”
So that one does not stand here in the BRD like the very most significant horrible parents and does not have desire on the youth welfare department. We decided not to attract attention with our knowledge about the Germanische Heilkunde and let the pediatrician come for the U2, which must be made in the first ten days after the birth (if one does not want to get into trouble – even if these examinations are not obligatory).

The pediatrician refused the examination for the following reason: Here in the BRD, a voluntary newborn screening is carried out and tests the child for certain metabolic diseases and, quite recently, cystic fibrosis through a gene test. I don’t need to explain why we consider this test moronic in terms of Germanische Heilkunde. Not to mention the conflict, I can cause in my daughter if she gets pricked in the heel for the required drop of blood. But I couldn’t explain something like that to the pediatrician. In the end, he goes to the youth welfare office and makes sure that they take our little girl away from us. It’s not that rare in our country.

We argued that we don’t want this because we have already heard that these screening centers have kept the residual blood in a vast database for decades, and this data is sold to corporations and/or pharma. We’re not playing in that game. Period. That wasn’t enough for the pediatrician. He made it unmistakably clear to us that we are nuts and terrible parents at that because we withhold such a vital examination from our daughter. Besides, the health department will write to us and the youth welfare office as well.

The good thing is that we knew what would happen to us if we refused this newborn screening, which is so voluntary. That is, we did not suffer DHS.

The bad thing: We didn’t have a stamp in our children’s examination booklet for the U2. We had to find a pediatrician who would still do this examination as soon as possible because the ten days after birth were over the day after the next. After a long search, we finally found a doctor. He didn’t take any patients from the health insurance and let us pay for this examination privately. However, he also forced us to do this newborn screening, and we told him that we would do it. At first, we wanted to pull the wool over his eyes, but he demanded that he do it right then and there. However, we did not want to have this heel prick done by an unsympathetic white coat in an unfamiliar environment and made him know that our midwife would do it. He demanded that we tell him her name, and we were not even really out of practice; he had already called our midwife.

We had lost. The heel prick had to be. But at least we could make the whole thing as pleasant as possible for our daughter: She knew the voice of our midwife, which was certainly more pleasant for the little one than an unfamiliar male voice, namely that of the doctor.

  • She was at home in her familiar environment.
  • I could have her very close to me with lots of skin contact.
  • I could nurse her immediately afterward.
  • The Studentenmädchen was running in the background.

Fortunately, our daughter did not suffer any DHS due to the heel prick, as far as we can tell.

But I had a whole new set of symptoms from then on. A callus formed on both my heels, the likes of which I had never seen before. I had never had problems with calluses on my feet before. Now, all of a sudden, it was too thick on my heels and not at all pretty. Besides, I suddenly had pain in the heels attributed to a heel spur.

I think that I suffered self-injury on both heels, representing my daughter’s injury by the heel prick. The excessive callus formation is related because I also wanted to protect the heels representative for her from sharp things such as a needle. But why on both heels? I am convinced that it has to do with the fact that I did not know which heel would be pricked in advance, and my body, therefore, reacted with both feet. This connection became clear to me only late. Since then, the heel pain has gone away, and only a minimal amount of callus forms on the heels.

It is brilliant, and Germanische Heilkunde is just right. It only hurts my heart that we did not have the opportunity to meet Dr. Hamer, and thank him personally for this generous gift he left us.

But I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Erika and dear Helmut, for bringing the Germanische Heilkunde closer to the people and spreading it. A thousand thanks.

Sarah with family

Note by Helmut Pilhar

It is terrible what we have to let happen to our children and not refuse. One feels like the farmer’s cattle.

  • Stuck right eye: healing phase of “I’ve been overlooked and didn’t get a morsel.”
  • Heel spur: healing phase of “can’t walk (away).”
  • Hard skin on heels: intense separation conflict in hanging healing of “stay there, or I don’t want to have to leave.”

Read the article about “Ultrasound”! A mandatory examination! Why is it compulsory? Presumably, it is precise that biological conflicts arise in the child, which eventually leads to disabilities.

What if the mother says, first of all, I don’t have a disabled child, and secondly, even if I did, I wouldn’t have it killed.

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