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Type 1 Diabetes and Insulin for a Little Boy – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

My son Eli was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year

A father (priest) reports about the illness and healing from diabetes of his five-year-old son

I didn’t know what to do, and I had the boy adjusted at the hospital. The doctors trained my wife and me, and that’s when my jaw dropped. These show-offs told me what they could do and how far they were scientific. But they could not tell me anything about the cause of the virus, nor could they cure the disease. They only said that the boy would lose the organ because there would be these scary secondary diseases. He would have to use this pump for the rest of his life. That was very terrible, and I was unable to accept that.

I heard about Dr. Hamers German New Medicine a few months before my son’s illness and was immediately interested. Of course, I wasn’t that deep into it yet, but I called Dr. Braun, who had studied with Dr. Hamer and others. The boy had been in kindergarten for over a year now and was having a severe resistance conflict. He just ended up screaming and begging us not to have to go there.

We told him in the hospital that he didn’t need to go to kindergarten anymore. That was the core, and we did many other things to speed up the healing process (issue of hyperacidity). The boy was within normal sugar range within a few hours, and we took him off the pump. The doctors were aggressive but couldn’t do anything about our diet and conflict resolution. They had to discharge us early without this insulin set.

Eli is now five years and one year without insulin.

I don’t know how long Eli was conflict-active, I’m guessing a year and a half, and the conflict got stronger and stronger until that huge balk. We give him minimal carbs, and we all eat low-carb to speed up the healing. It’s suitable for all of us.

When I studied your lectures, I noticed a few things. When that hospital nightmare stopped, my eyes watered every morning and were sticky. My wife had been hanging on the doctors’ lips in the hospital all the time, and I didn’t feel like she was seeing me. I had to be very vocal to make her understand that I was doing the job, not the doctors. None of the doctors were happy for Eli that he was healthy and without insulin. I know they lost a customer, but that thinking is spiteful, as are all their attempts to dissuade me from my path.

I understand too little of the New Medicine to be able to explain it all or to reproduce it correctly. I am only fascinated by the creation of our body and the work that Dr. Hamer has documented. Wonderful work!

Everything went so fast probably has other reasons. It was only a few hours, and Eli was four years old. I am a priest and know that Hamer is right, and the core problem of my son was the resistance conflict in the cortex.

Best regards from Bielefeld

Note by Helmut Pilhar

Amazing, isn’t it? Cause solved, and poof – the symptom is gone. And how the father describes the malice of these doctors. This father is a priest.

It is easy to see how difficult it is for doctors to accept that a patient can become healthy again without medical intervention or medication.
The diagnosis of diabetes usually means a lifelong dependence on the needle, a lucrative customer whose wise father spared this fate.

Therefore, learn Germanische Heilkunde, formerly German New Medicine, as long as you are healthy. Because knowledge is power, and the Germanic is freedom.

Thank you very much for this beautiful testimonial.

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