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The Effect of Mein Studentenmaedchen on Cat Minu – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Mein Studentenmädchen has a wonderful effect even on animals.

Dear friends of Germanische Heilkunde, dear Dr. Hamer,

After I learned that there is a new book (Mein Studentenmaedchen), I wondered at first about the title. Then, when I watched the interview about it, I was amazed and immediately wanted to know everything about it. So, I ordered the book, which I can only recommend to everyone to learn everything about. Today, I can only agree with Dr. Hamer that this must be a “magic tune”!

As a concrete example, I can report something about the behavior of our cat Minu. She is now two years old and was allowed to enter all rooms in our apartment, except for the bedroom, whose door always remained closed at night. Suppose we had forgotten it once; it was generally so that we got visitors at night from her and were prevented from sleeping.

Primarily, we opened the door early in the morning so that she kept us company for a while. But now that we had learned about the wonderful effect of Mein Studentenmaedchen, we wanted to listen to it at night as well. Since we didn’t have a radio in the bedroom, we decided to run the “magic melody” from the kitchen radio, and the bedroom door remained open. What’s curious about this is; that since we’ve had Mein Studentenmaedchen running, there are no more nighttime visits from our cat (now for about two months) in the bedroom, even though the door is open all night.

Our Minu prefers to stay as close as possible to where Mein Studentenmaedchen is running. This is really wonderful! You would never have dreamed of such a thing, what such a melody can do to living creatures, not to mention what great things she will be used for in the whole history of illness!!!! Based on her entire behavior, I can only say about our cat that since listening to Mein Studentenmaedchen, she has made a much more lively impression than before. It really is a magic tune!!!

In this sense, we thank Dr. Hamer for his excellent discoveries, with respectful admiration and best regards from Dresden.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

People become more content and happy by listening to “Mein Studentenmädchen.” Animals become more content and balanced by listening to “Mein Studentenmädchen” … Now, only the plants are missing, which start to grow …

Who is this, Dr. Hamer really?

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