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To reduce Germanische Heilkunde® to healing alone and to exclude the political aspect of systematic suppression is either a stupid misunderstanding of the legal situation or a deceitful trivialization of those seeking help.

What is the use of Germanische Heilkunde® if we are not allowed to practice it?

The Germanische Heilkunde® is then legal,

  • if one can get it at any hospital, because emergency medicine is needed from case to case.
  • if you can practice it not only for yourself but also for your minor child
  • if the therapist is allowed to practice it legally

How is it actually that science that can be reproduced scientifically at any time is prevented? What reasons can be given? Who has the power for this?


Since President Trump and Putin jointly complained about this globally operating Deep State in Helsinki 2018, the use of this term is no longer a conspiracy theory. Of course, this Deep State is also active in medicine. It is against this Deep State in medicine that Germanische Heilkunde® has come into action.


Various companies related to medicine or Germanische Heilkunde®


What about Germanische Heilkunde® in other countries?


Superficially, it seems interesting that all media and reporters miss the story “Germanische Heilkunde®”. But very soon we understand that they all have a ban to report about it.


Who plays what role in this tragic game?

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Audios and Videos

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