was revealed more than 30 years ago!

Take your health into your own hands and learn to understand the causes of so-called “diseases”!

Video: The greatest discovery in human history

In this interview, Dr. Hamer and Dr. Haug talks about how, why, and by whom his discovery has been suppressed for over 30 years, and why in Germany 1500 people die of cancer every day, for no reason at all.

He also comments on the accusation of anti-Semitism.

He explains how he was told in 1986 why his discovery of alternative cancer therapy may not be applied to the general public.

Learn how your body really works

Germanische Heilkunde explains what the causes of the various diseases are. With the knowledge of the cause, the Germanische Heilkunde has the causal therapy.

Scientifically provable

While conventional medicine is based on more than 5000 hypotheses, Germanische Heilkunde is scientifically provable - The laws of nature discovered by Dr. Hamer have been found to be correct by several universities.

Seminar Video Tutorials and Webinars

Helmut Pilhar is one of only 3 lecturers officially appointed by Dr. Hamer who is permitted to teach Germanische Heilkunde. In almost 60 Seminar Video Tutorials he explains how the body really works.

The people of Germanische Heilkunde



Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer is the discoverer and founder of Germanische Heilkunde. Dr. Hamer's Germanische Heilkunde has never been disproved to this day, but has been confirmed by over 30 institutions and universities. The "not abjuring" of his discovery, has brought Dr. Hamer two prison terms. Dr. Hamer died on July 2nd, 2017 in Sandefjord, Norway.


Appointed by Dr Hamer as teacher and responsible for the Music Department of the« Sandefjord University for the Germanic New Medicine®, Natural Art and Lifestyle. Together with Dr Hamer she is co-owner, of the copyright on the archaic melody®

John Holledauer


He has been commissioned to translate all teaching modules from German into English. His decades of experience in the GHk guarantee a faithful and correct transposition of the concepts of Germanic Heilkunde.



Even more than 30 years after the discovery of Dr. Hamer, authorities and official bodies refuse to recognize the correctness of Germanische Heilkunde, although his discovery was verified by at least 30 institutions and confirmed as scientifically correct, by reproducing the next best case. There is no scientific refutation on the part of conventional medicine, although such a refutation should be quite simple.

[...] According to scientific criteria, the New Medicine must be declared correct according to the current state of science and the best knowledge available at the time. In contrast, from a scientific point of view, conventional medicine is an amorphous mush, which is not even falsifiable due to fundamentally misunderstood (alleged) facts, not to mention verifiable. Therefore, according to scientific criteria, it must be described as a collection of hypotheses and thus as unscientific and false according to the best human judgment.

Prof.Dr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz HTWK Leipzig / Studium generale, August 18th, 2003

[...] Of the approximately 100 facts that can be queried for each individual disease, according to the rules of the “New Medicine,” not all facts could be queried due to the lack of complete examination findings. Still, the queried facts showed that all the laws of nature of the “New Medicine” were fulfilled.

Prof. MUDr. J. Pogady, DrSc, Prof. F. Psychiatrie, Vors. Der Kommission University of Trnava, September 11th, 1998

[...] The investigation had the express purpose of determining whether all clinical pictures and courses of disease of these patients, who were ill with cancer and so-called cancer equivalents, had clearly proceeded according to the IRON RULE OF CANCER. This was absolutely the case on all three levels, the psychological level, which could be clarified by the present patients (conflict history). The present brain CT images could clarify the cerebral level, and the organ level, secured by the present X-ray images and clinical findings. [...]

Dr. med. Ina v. Foris et al. Minutes of the Physicians' Conference, March 4-5th, 1989.

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